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Submission + - Bitcoin Black Friday Proves Digital Currency Isn't Just For Saving->

An anonymous reader writes: Bitcoin Black Friday deals encourage users to actually use their bitcoins like a real currency with over 150 retailers offering deals.

The biggest bitcoin stories tend to focus on the crypto-currency's value and how it has made some early investors incredibly rich — but now is the time to actually start using the coins according to those behind Bitcoin Black Friday.

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Submission + - Sony PSN User Accounts Hacked Again

_xeno_ writes: Remember the giant PSN breach from 2011? Well, it's happened again: Sony has reset all PSN passwords in the US and EU as a "precautionary measure." While Sony claims that the network itself wasn't hacked, users with strong passwords have found their accounts among the compromised accounts, having added money to their PSN wallets and then being used to purchase in-game items sold by other players. If you currently have your credit card linked to a PSN account, you might want to rethink that decision.

Comment Tmobile, worst customer service EVER (Score 1) 404

I will never, EVER use Tmobile. EVER. (yes, disgruntled). I had to cancel early due to moving and having absolutely NO coverage in my new location. Suddently, the early termination fee more than doubled for each of our phones. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, was told the guy I'm talking to was one. When I asked to speak to his boss, was told he's not available, but his name was "Fred" I asked for the last name, was specifically told that "Fred" has no last name. I HATE Tmobile with a passion, and repeatedly hope they go out of business in shame.

Comment Re:Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass (Score 4, Insightful) 542

People like you are what's wrong with organized religion and one of the primary reasons of why I am atheist. Really? Strange, I would've thought a disbelief in the concept of a God would've made you an atheist. If you have a reason OTHER than that, then you need to seriously rethink your convictions (hint: belief in a God doesn't require believing in the "holy" organizations that claim to know what's "right.")

Submission + - Small Molecule May Play Big Role in Alzheimer's Disease->

aarondubrow writes: "Researchers from UC Santa Barbara used the Ranger supercomputer to simulate small forms of amyloid peptides that are believed to be a primary cause of toxicity in Alzheimer's disease. They found that hairpin-shaped forms of the peptide initiated the aggregation of oligomers that ultimately led to the formation of a fibril. The simulations are leading to new diagnostic and treatment options they may stop the disease."
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