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Comment Re:Bolt is a 20k car (Score 1) 249

The Volt doesn't sell better because it costs $40k and it's ugly as heck. For the same money I could buy a much nicer car. It's cool technology in an ugly and overpriced package.

Stick that tech in a Camaro body and people might pay for it. In a body that makes a Malibu look sexy, what's the point?

Comment Re:Slow learners (Score 1) 107

Immediately jumping to absolutes will be your downfall. The world doesn't work that way my friend.

My point is that making a high profile website that thumbs its nose at law enforcement is a very foolish plan. It's attracting attention to a thing that you don't want to attract attention to. This is kind of predator-prey 101 here.

Of course law enforcement doesn't catch every underground marketplace. Likewise, my cat doesn't catch every rodent that walks through my neighborhood. But the parade of small lifeless bodies that greets me when I step out the front door every morning suggests that she does catch a lot of them who are foolish enough to attract her attention.

Comment Slow learners (Score 1) 107

Apparently this is being done by slow learners. If the FBI wants to stop you from doing something, they're going to stop you. If you're dumb enough to flaunt your invulnerability in their face, they're definitely gonna want to take you down. And they have a lot of smart people with a lot of experience at infiltrating organizations. Has the takedown of the last two Silk Roads taught you nothing?

Comment Re:On Shopping Around (Score 1) 1032

Not particularly. I chose my school specifically because it had an excellent program in the field I was studying. When you're getting a physics degree, it's rather hard to beat going to the school with the National Superconducting Super Collider. Even if you aren't going to graduate school, your professors are leading the field in research, and they're trying to product the kinds of students they would like to see in grad school.

Comment Re:On Shopping Around (Score 1) 1032

I turned out to be pretty happy with the state school's name printed on my diploma. I received an excellent education at in state prices. When your senior lab class is "build an MRI machine" from two magnets, a wire loop and a pulse generator, you can assume that the program is rigorous.

Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032

Learning about art history is great. It's absolutely worth dedicating four years, or even a lifetime, to learning about art. At the same time, it's a really good idea to learn how to feed yourself and pay off the debts that you're accumulating to study art. I learned a couple of trades while I was studying physics. I've spent the last 20 years of my life working in one or the other of those trades. The physics degree was incredibly valuable to me personally. Learning to program a computer on my own time has been useful to me financially. Learning to paint houses kept me in food until I could find work programming. It also led me to other fun activities such as tile setting and laying pavers.

Setting tile might not be very erudite, but it is both financially and personally rewarding. It's also putting that study of art history to practical use, because mosaics are cool, and you don't get to build mosaics unless you're a pretty accomplished tile setter.

Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032

So what exactly is stopping you from signing up for a trade program at a community college and getting a decent job so you can later study for the thing you want? There are always jobs open for machinists and welders, the money is good and the work is interesting.

Or have you considered military service or national service programs like Americorps?

All of those things will partially or fully pay for your school.

Comment Not Listening to Mike Rowe (Score 3, Insightful) 1032

Taking out huge loans that you don't have a way to repay, to get a degree that has no potential for income, show a serious lack of judgement. Military service will fund education, often while drawing full pay. A trade certification from a community college would lead to a stable income that could be used to fund an indulgence degree like Philosophy. It would also allow you to eat after getting the degree, which is the big problem.

There are plenty of degree programs where the student loan problem is a real issue. Philosophy isn't one of those. If you don't have a trust fund or a rich spouse to support you, don't get it.

Comment Were's the value proposition? (Score 1) 391

I don't really have a need for more than one AR-15. The mill alone costs more than a new AR-15 from Colt. It costs twice as much as the Armalite products. It's cool to say I did it and all, but I didn't really. I bought a bunch of parts and did a little bit of milling on one of them. I "made" the gun in much the way that I "made" my motorcycle because I changed the tires and the oil.

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