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Comment Re:"just a century"? (Score 1) 412

Well, if we stick with the assumption that garden worlds - places where ecosystems evolve naturally - are somewhat scarce, but that it's easy to build places people like to live (but are ultimately designed places), having FTL, a Dyson sphere, and seeding those precious garden worlds so that they develop new ecosystems (us) is internally consistent.

This isn't even close implying my suggestion is correct, just that it's possible to produce an internally consistent narrative explaining such behavior to refute claims of impossibility.

Comment Re:Anybody ask Japan about this? (Score 1) 547

If it was a problem with women in particular, I suspect that we'd see homosexual relationships at two to three times the biological rate, as every bisexual person looking for a relationship went for one with less friction. This sounds a lot like something we can test with Science!

H(null): We will see no increase in homosexual relationships close to the size of the bisexual demographic: People just don't want to deal with having a relationship due to, in spite of, or concurrent with shitty prospects, too much stress, and a corporate culture that's toxic to starting a family.

H(1): Homosexual relationships will expand to everyone who isn't constitutionally opposed to faggotry. We will likely see a tripling of homosexual relationships compared to our control group, representing the entire homosexual and bisexual demographics fleeing a toxic heterosexuality.

H(2): If we see some intermediate effect not trivially explained, we should investigate to see whether cultural condemnation of faggotry is intense enough to dissuade anyone who could have an emotionally fulfilling relationship with another of the same sex - cultural confounding effects or a mixture of motivations are likely results, but it is impossible to accurately predict which, precisely, at this point.

Comment Re:Philips just fell off my vendor list (Score 1) 358

On the contrary, Z-Wave is more fiddly, but plenty hackable and durable. And given that there are controller apps you can run on a Raspberry Pi, you should have no problem with rolling your own network or sensors. And on the flip side, I don't have the luxury of going into the main breaker panel and installing a choke and a household surge suppressor and niceties like that. I don't doubt I could get it to work if I had large stacks of cash to burn on it, but for reliably automating a few lights, and remotely controlling a radio, it's hard to do better than my X-10 system.

Comment Re:Philips just fell off my vendor list (Score 1) 358

My X-10 investment was retired when either a neighbor's system, or dirty power, or smart meters were mistaken for commands by the system, resulting in unacceptable levels of "poltergeisting". I put up with it for years, worked on it for years, and could never get it to reject the noise, even switching between all available housecodes.

X-10, for all the credit you give it, drove me up a goddamn tree. While it worked, I loved it, but when it quit...

Comment Re: Um... (Score 1) 275

Find me a prepaid card without fees, then. I want it to avoid exposing my bank account to dubious gas-machine readers that might have been tampered with when I need gas to get home or I don't, and storing one with $50 loaded on it in the glove box does me no good if six months later the fees have reduced my balance to $5.

Comment Re:Suuuure.... (Score 2) 153

DoE bought grenade launchers. DHS bought hollowpoints.

The grenade launchers were deemed useless and returned to the army for a refund, but the hollowpoints are about what it takes to certify every law enforcement officer on their service weapon and do a little training. Not even enough training to be really safe with their sidearms, but a little training is still a definite improvement.

Remember - violence doesn't need much ammo, but proficiency will eat as much as you can shoot.

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