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Comment: Re:more downgrades (Score 3, Informative) 688

by ChronoReverse (#46869905) Attached to: Firefox 29: Redesign
There's a called YesScript that lets you do that in Firefox. Extensions is still the reason why I use Firefox/Pale Moon.

If you don't like Australis, there's an extension to make Firefox look like classic. If you think the Australis buttons are too large (like me) then you can install an extension to make them smaller.

Comment: Re:Firefox for Less Evil (Score 1) 381

by ChronoReverse (#45645365) Attached to: Desktop Browser of Choice in 2013?
Unless you haven't used Firefox for a while, it's been noticeably quicker to load than Chrome for some while now. Chrome invariably uses more RAM ,takes longer to start up and load pages although it has faster javascript and is unlikely to "stutter" because it's process-per-tab.

Something of a trade-off in any case.

Comment: Re:Question (Score 2) 128

Well, that depends on whether it's a "first generation" star that began as just hydrogen or a second,third,fourth,etc. "generation" star that uses the gas from a previous star's supernova gas cloud thus incorporating some of the elements created during said supernova.

The Sun is still mostly hydrogen and helium but there are trrace amounts of other elements:

Since the Earth has elements that aren't hydrogen and helium, we know our Sun isn't a "first generation".

Comment: Re:Question (Score 3, Informative) 128

Regular star fuel is hydrogen (and helium very late) which undergoes fusion.

When this fuel is exhausted, the star collapses under its own gravity. This can be extremely sudden (even in human terms).

The collapse can only go so far before the star is compressed to its limit. Where this limit is depends on how massive the star is. Unless the star is massive enough to crush right into a black hole, the collapse will also stop suddenly and "bounce back" as the core instantly reheats from the compression. This is the supernova explosion as all the stuff that normally wouldn't fuse goes and fuses anyway (this is where elements past iron come from).

+ - Full Speed DS Emulator for Android released-> 2

Submitted by ChronoReverse
ChronoReverse (858838) writes "While ports of DS emulators have shown up for Android, they invariably have trouble running at full speed even on the latest hardware.

This has now changed as Exophase has released a new emulator capable of running DS games at full speeds even on relatively modest hardware while maintaining wide compatibility now available in the Play Store: DraStic"

Link to Original Source

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