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Comment: Re:This does pose the question: (Score 4, Interesting) 195

by Fweeky (#47616075) Attached to: Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's

pkgng's made port upgrading much less burdensome - even fairly complex dependency changes can be handled automatically as of 1.3, and the official package repositories are a lot more useful now. They even have stable security-fix-only branches.

I still make my own customised builds, but I make binary packages in an isolated jail using poudriere. 99% of upgrades are a matter of updating its ports tree, running rebuild-packages, and running pkg upgrade on all my machines.

You couldn't pay me to go back to portupgrade/portmaster/portmanager.

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by Fweeky (#47602585) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

If you're actually that bothered about the data integrity benefits of ZFS, it'd probably have been a good idea to go for ECC memory. Pools can pretty much self-destruct in face of memory corruption, and memory failure rates are not that much different to disk failure rates.

Such bullshit that it's so rare and poorly supported. The actual material cost is tiny - a few more motherboard traces and 1 extra memory chip for every 8. With AMD at least it's mostly a case of finding a good motherboard vendor, instead of the server/workstation board and CPU combo Intel demand.

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Not really - ports doesn't even have a *concept* of upgrading, it's just uninstall/reinstall and hope you can work out how to handle all the dependencies. This is why FreeBSD's got so many tools for managing them - portupgrade, portmanager, portmaster, all with their own little and not so little quirks.

We do have an apt-alike these days, in the form of pkgng. pkgsrc also has pkgin.

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by Fweeky (#47474023) Attached to: FreeBSD 9.3 Released

It's stable enough for general use, but maturity counts for a lot with filesystems, especially when they're as complex as ZFS. It's also a third-party add-on rather than an official part of the OS which does raise some issues.

Conversely it's practically the default on FreeBSD, and it's been available since 2008.

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pkgng's still missing the ability to track certain changes automatically, so you occasionally have to force-remove a package or manually change an origin as per /usr/ports/UPDATING. I think they're expecting to resolve that in 1.3 fairly soon.

I've been using it for about 18 months across a small group of machines with about 1400 packages between them, and it's pretty much entirely demolished any apt-envy I've had.

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by 3seas (#46810859) Attached to: The Ethical Dilemmas Today's Programmers Face

All to often I find software does not function the logical way it should. That to use the software efficiently I have to think like the programmer(s) or figure out what they were thinking when they wrote teh program..

The old saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes.... people do this all the time in using software.
Computer are made of earth and run thought processes of the programmer(s) thus making them a stone image of the beast otherwise known as man.

But this is not the only place the thought processes of a few are imposed upon many more, for religion, government etc,,, all use abstraction as most certainly so does programmers. And its in understanding this that we also have the metaphorical key to the bottomless pit. For that key is the understanding of the gears and bearing of how we process abstractions and why we came to create them.

The main ethical issue regarding software is the false constraints those in the field of programming subject the users to. Who doesn't know how barbarically constrained the Windows Command line is? But it is done that way under the philosophy established by Bill Gates "the way to become wealthy is to make people need you"

Ethics went out the windows when Bill Gates yelled "Piracy" over a matter of people being very tired of waiting for what they had paid for and Bills BASIC itself, was a port of those who created it.

The only way to bring Ethics back into the field of programming si to not only make it all open source and to disallow software patents (which itself is complete fraud) but to properly approach software development the way it should had been done to begin with. In the way that is natural in teh creation and use fo abstraction, without false constraints.

To understanding this is indeed possible see

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The founding fathers of the United States of America were NOT supporters of Democracy as they knew from history and experience that Democracy leads to Oligarchy. Instead they founded a Republic!!!

Perhaps the first post with a long list of replies should learn about US founding history.

"Let every man teach his son, teach his daughter, that labor is honorable." -- Robert G. Ingersoll