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by Chris6502 (#42863795) Attached to: No Wi-Fi Around Huge Radio Telescope


In five hours I can drive to Washington DC from Green Bank (Yes I live there so I know) Two hours to I81 or 1 hour to I64. So yes it is a bit remote but not literally the middle of nowhere.

Plenty of people do come here, especially in winter as Snowshoe ski resort is ~10 miles away from us as the crow flies.

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by Chris6502 (#39738547) Attached to: Expect Mandatory 'Big Brother' Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015

(D) the information is retrieved for the purpose of determining the need for, or facilitating, emergency medical response in response to a motor vehicle crash.

As an EMT who has attended a number of MVAs I don't need no black box to help me determine whether there was a significant mechanism of injury. I'm certainly not going to be spending time fannying about trying to read out the black box when I have patients who need my help right now.

I'm sufficiently well trained to determine for myself whether someone requires treatment and I don't see how information from a black box is going to "facilitate" the limited treatments I am permitted to perform as an EMT-B.

That said, if law enforcement can retrieve info like speed, accelerations etc and transmit that to the receiving facility I can see the utility.

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I can't believe how little protest the remote attestation aspect has generated. From TFA: "To prove a client is healthy, the anti-malware software can quote TPM measurements to a remote verifier."

How long before that becomes "The XYZ software can attest that only trusted software components are running." Big content are going to love this capability.

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A united flight from Dulles to Heathrow back in January was a comedy of errors. First plane was withdrawn from service before we boarded due to mechanical issues. The second plane we got pushed back from the gate and then pushed back in so they could top up some fluid or other. Finally four hours into the flight we turned back to Dulles as the toilets weren't working.

Seriously! We only had 4 hours left surely we could have continued on, it was 4 (*&^ing hours either way.

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The primary reason I purchased my wife an ereader was to save me much physical effort. She gets through a phenomenal amount of books and when we vacation she takes one book for each day of the vacation. A 3 week vacation in Spain last year meant half a suitcase of books and that's heavy.

The ethical considerations of DRM etc paled in comparison to that. It's also saved me about 18 feet of book shelf space and counting.

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