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Comment: It's not the studio's choice (Score 1) 490

by Chris Dodd (#46586407) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
> So what could be their reason for allowing users to check out physical DVDs but not to "check out" virtual DVDs in exactly the same way?

The answer is that they DON'T allow users to check out physical DVDs -- they would stop the the rental of DVDs if they could to force people to use their own distribution channels (and generate more profit). But the courts have said that if they sell DVDs, they can't prevent others from buying those DVDs and renting them out. So if they want to sell DVDs, they have to allow rental of DVDs.

Comment: Re:Hard to believe (Score 5, Insightful) 804

by Chris Dodd (#45793093) Attached to: What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro?

Why do I think they ordered those parts from the most expensive sources possible?

Well, if you read the fine article (the original, not the bgr rehash), you'd see that all the proces come from NewEgg -- not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive...

Comment: Basic premise is flawed as you must enter a plea (Score 1) 871

by Chris Dodd (#45060781) Attached to: Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video
The basic premise of your whole argument "The Fifth amendment means that person need not answer 'Yes' or 'No' when asked the question 'Did you commit the crime'" is simple wrong and untrue. IF someone is charged with a crime and arraigned, they must THEN enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty" and cannot at that time "refuse to answer". The context is key -- this questioning happens in a courtroom in front of a judge, with a lawyer present, and not in a back room somewhere. The same protections apply to a 3rd party being questioned -- they DON'T have to answer unless they are subpoenaed and in that case can have a lawyer present. Of course, insisting on these full legal protections might make the police suspicious that they are involved, but that is kind of tough to avoid.

Comment: Re:Not too long until an iceberg attack is reveale (Score 1) 192

by Chris Dodd (#43803413) Attached to: One-Time Pad From Caltech Offers Uncrackable Cryptography


The innovation here is that that nobody can make a copy of the piece of glass.

Or is it...? If Bob can create a OTP using the glass then so can Eve. All she does is sneak into his hotel room when he's asleep, generate his pad using his crystal and make a copy of it.

The point is that its a READ ONCE device -- Eve can't make a copy of the data in Bob's key without destroying the physical device containing the key...

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