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Submission CMU Researcher Creates an Acoustic QR Code->

Hesh writes: "Robert Xiao at CMU has created an acoustic equivalent of a QR code, by patterning notches into materials like plastic, glass, and stone. They are lower resolution, but could be much smaller and overall less invasive. " You can find out more details here: and see a video of it in action here:
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Comment Re:Rebuttle: Web Dominance, Traffic, top 500? (Score 2, Informative) 123

Yes, .com (,net, .org) are essentially international TLDs. I agree. I believe my section title remains true: "The death of .net, the rise of .org, and the madness of .com." However, I have changed the title to downplay the US connection.

However, more important than the fall of .com and .net domains is the rise of international domains. US websites rarely use international TLDs. Yet, these TLDs are growing fast (ru, pl, il, cz, br, etc.). This is a strong indicator that international websites are gaining clout, or at the very least, websites are shifting to country specific domains.

International TLDs are clearly gaining traction. Take a look at this chart: nternationalGrowth.html

In response to domains like .ag and .tv - These domains don't penetrate the top 500, so it's hard to gauge how much influence they have.