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Comment: Re:The ACLU would have more credibility... (Score 1) 107

by Chowderbags (#46949015) Attached to: ACLU and EFF Endorse Weaker USA Freedom Act Passed By Committee
Yeah, when was the last time they took up a case about quartering troops in people's houses or made damn sure that suits at common law for $20 would be tried by juries? Oh, wait, you probably mean the second amendment. The one that already has the NRA standing up for it with twice the total budget of the ACLU. But if it makes you feel better, the ACLU has actually defended gun owners before:

Comment: Re:Wages as share of GDP dropping since 1972 (Score 1) 754

Is that before or after companies just can't happen to find an American candidate with 10 years experience in Rust and 15 years experience in Windows Server 2013 and fluent in 3 different foreign languages and willing work 80 hour weeks for $40,000 a year? But they can sure find some H1b visa candidate who's a perfect fit and a candidate in Elbonia who's even willing to undercut that. But the American worker is bad for wanting to put food on their table.

Comment: Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 516

by Chowderbags (#45074297) Attached to: Administration Admits Obamacare Website Stinks

Do you keep full insurance on a 20-year-old Buick? Especially insurance that covers every mechanical and electrical system in the car?

If a 20 year old Buick were dying on you, would you take it to the closest mechanic you could find as soon as humanly possible and not ask the price of fixing it or even if there was a realistic chance of fixing it? No, but that's because a 20 year old Buick going kaput isn't the end of the world. A 40 year old body going kaput very much is the end of someone's world.

No, that's the whole idea behind Obamacare. The idea behind insurance is that it is a personal choice to have it or not. Now it's just a tax that unfairly impacts young healthy people.

Young people get sick. Young people get injured. Young people do not have enough assets to pay for any kind of hospital bills. It can easily cost thousands of dollars just to get diagnosed with something, even if it ends up being a relatively minor thing. Do you know a lot of 20 somethings that can absorb that kind of hospital bill?

Then again, I'd much prefer single payer, because I'm not fucking insane.

Comment: Re:Lots of tech addicts posted (Score 1) 534

by Chowderbags (#44897621) Attached to: Toronto Family Bans All Technology In Their Home Made After 1986
Whether or not turning my phone (and presumably all such communication tech) off for a week would bother me depends on what's happening. If I'm specifically away on vacation, then whatever, doesn't bother me at all (other than maybe not having music to listen to). If it's a normal week where I might expect calls or text messages from friends, then yeah, it'd kinda suck to not have any idea what's going on. For better or worse, most people don't live within walking distance of all their friends, nor do most people want to just stop by unannounced.

Comment: Re:My goodness (Score 1) 417

I'd say it's way more like a suspected bookie that's writing down bets in code. Maybe you've cracked some of the code to figure out that there's a bet on one page of a book. Using that, you're trying to get the bookie to divulge his method of encrypting all the books found in his office. The question is whether the bookie has to give you a) the code b) decoded versions of the books or c) nothing at all.

Comment: Re:Psych, Feynmann and Cargo Cults (Score 1) 329

Stuff that isn't science that is sure it "knows" is prejudice. By pretending to be science such "stuff" gets to deprive you of you liberty in a court based on prejudice because you're a bit socially eccentric and someone else doesn't like that for "moral" reasons or whatever and wants to "straighten you out" whatever that means to them. Do you dress funny? Have sex? The wrong skin colour? These kinds of things...

To my knowledge, the only way to be forced into any kind of treatment at all (at least in America) is to threaten the life of yourself or of others or if you use insanity as a defense in a crime. The latter one is pretty obviously following due process. The former one is often a pretty high bar to meet and emergency psychiatric beds are in short supply so they tend to be reserved for people who are a real danger. No one in America is getting sent to a padded room for dressing funny, sleeping around too much, or being the wrong skin color (though if you match those criteria, you can get a spot on the Maury to find out who's your baby daddy).

Psychoanalysis has not been checked carefully by experiment

Basically no one does psychoanalysis anymore. Drawing conclusions about the field of psychology based on an outdated model would be like drawing conclusions about physics based on the theory of luminiferous aether or the phlogiston theory.

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