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Submission + - Reporter of an e-voting vulnerability raided in Argentina

TrixX writes: There have just been police raids at the home of an Argentinian security professional who discovered and reported several vulnerabilities in the electronic ballot system to be used next weeks for elections in the city of Buenos Aires. The vulnerabilities (exposed SSL keys and ways to forge ballots with multiple votes) had been reported to the manufacturer of the voting machines, the media, and the public about a week ago.
There have been no arrest but his computers and electronics devices have been impounded. Meanwhile, the information security community in Argentina is trying to get the media to report this notorious attempt to "kill the messenger".

Submission + - SimpleAI, an implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms->

machinalis writes: "SimpleAI is an easy to use lib implementing in python many of the artificial intelligence algorithms described on the book "Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach", from Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig.
This implementation takes some of the ideas from the Norvig's implementation (the aima-python lib), but it's made with a more "pythonic" approach, and more emphasis on creating a stable, modern, and maintainable version. We are testing the majority of the lib, it's available via pip install, has a standard repository and lib architecture, well documented, respects the python pep8 guidelines, provides only working code (no placeholders for future things), etc. Even the internal code is written with readability in mind, not only the external API.
This new release adds a few statistical classification methods to SimpleAI with
the intention of start replicating the machine learning aspects of aima-python, also includes lots of tests for the classifiers, documentation, and a few sample uses of the classifiers.
twitter: @machinalis""

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Comment Re:Specific Issues (Score 5, Informative) 93 93

The only "new thing" is a database abstraction layer that they should have already been using to begin with. Who in this day still writes their software heavily coupled to a single database rather than using a thin abstraction layer?

we did, it's desktopcouch. Turned out to be too thin.

Comment Re:My vote... (Score 5, Insightful) 316 316

Wiley Coyote... Super Genius.

Though, his reliance on ACME for equipment, should be reconsidered.


I always thought that Wiley Coyote depicts very well the agony of working as an engineer. The laws of nature seem to work against you. Murphy's laws are against you. The tools/equipment do not behave according to the specs, and tend to fail at the worst possible time. Good ideas fail because of implementation details or even bad luck. Yet, you cannot let the problem go, you have to fix it! One last try, ok, maybe another one!

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