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Comment: Multilayer switching anyone? (Score 1) 152

by ChimpyMonkey (#21123033) Attached to: ARPANet Co-Founder Predicts An Internet Crisis
From the article: "Flow routing has introduced an important innovation that can help alleviate the capacity crunch: Routers do not need to route every packet, only the first packet in a flow."

He has just described Multi Layer Switching.... something which has been around for years. From Cisco:
"The packet forwarding function is moved onto Layer 3 switches whenever a partial or complete switched path exists between two hosts. Packets that do not have a partial or complete switched path to reach their destinations are still forwarded in software by routers. ...
IP MLS allows you to debug and trace flows in your network. You can identify which switch is handling a particular flow by using MLS explorer packets."

Install Vista Upgrade Without Preexisting XP 196

Posted by kdawson
from the loophole dept.
Johannes K. writes "It has previously been claimed that to install Windows Vista from an upgrade DVD requires having Windows XP installed on your computer. DailyTech reports on a workaround: no previous version of Windows is required at all." Anyone know whether this workaround moots the finding by LXer that during upgrade Microsoft invalidates your original XP CD-key?

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