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Comment: This is really going to be used for... (Score 2) 128

by Cheza (#42595865) Attached to: Facebook Announces Social Search Tools
Don't kid yourself, 99.9% of these searchers are going to be something along the lines of.. "Girls with mutual friends who became single in the last month" "Single girls near me whose status contains 'drunkkk' more than twice a week" Combine this with imaging searching = awesome "Girls that have dated guys that look like me"

+ - Network Penetration Class Material 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I've been asked to teach a graduate level computer science course on network auditing and penetration. I'm hoping to make the class as hands on as possible, covering material from enumeration to system hacking. What practical scenarios should be included in the course content? Each scenario should teach concepts as well as getting students familiar with different security tools.

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