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Comment: Re:Isn't parody protected in the US? (Score 1) 168

by CheshireDragon (#46794805) Attached to: Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist
Glad there is someone else out there that(including AC) that realizes both parties are utter horse shat! Criminals and liars the lot of them. There are a few gems here and there, but they're few and far between.

This is the reason I don't vote. You don't know who is going to do good or bad until it's too late. Mostly they do bad and I'd rather not be a part of it.

Comment: Re:Isn't this story ancient? (Score 0) 154

I also wouldn't be surprised if any wound up in Chinese, Russian or Indian arms as well.

I am pretty sure some was sold to Iraq. Hell, we sold them planes, tanks and other shit back in the 80s, why not Uranium?! I bet that is how we 'knew' they had WMDs. We just looked at their receipt.

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Similar, but I haven't saved enough...pfft, I haven't saved any. I make a ton of money by today's standards, but still live check to check. In a few years when I have my cars and IRS debt paid off I will start saving, but that won't be for 2 and 3yrs on the cars and 6yrs for the IRS debt. However, it doesn't bother me. I work between 50-60hrs/wk some time at the office, some time at home. I am sure I am working myself ragged and will die just inside my 40s or 50s, but at least I'll die while working til the day I die...OR until it kills me. I can see it now as they pick my head up off the keyboard.

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I really don't think it matters if it pops up somewhere else. At least it's not popping up on their site causing it to look like a bunch of dim bulbs and spam trash everywhere.

I also think you hold scientists up on a false pedestal. They don't think they are all that and what you may have thought of, they already thought of a decade ago. There is nothing the masses can offer that they haven't already thought of or tried because it 'might just work'. There are probably a few who can add to the table, but they are in school right now working on their PhD for their field of study ready to put their ideas to the test when they start their science career.

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I have a friend who, when he gets out of college, has been promised a job at well known electronics company with a salary around $70k.

[citation needed] Sorry, I don't buy the "my friend is being offered $70k/year straight out of college, but wants to work for Blizzard instead" line. I'm gonna call bullshit on this one.

Imma have to agree with you on this too. I have never heard of anyone making that 'right out of college'. Maybe within a few years if you're good at that thing you do, hit a great idea or are one of the rare prodigies.
However, if this is true, I'd say, 'take the 70k job, work a few yrs to get some experience and then move on to follow your dreams.' That's what I did. Not with programming though.

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Yes, I did RTFA. I've done things like this before when I was doing industrial hacking back in the late 90s. I understand the joy they were getting from doing this job and succeeding. What is creepy is how he worded it.

"Three guys sitting in a room, hacking away, watching porn, and getting paid to do it — life was good," Then he added "The only thing missing was the beer."

I just see it different. Could also be the fact that when I worked with a team in those days, it was always remote with the others scattered across the country and it wasn't hacking cable companies, but routers. So, there was no TV.

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