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Comment: It makes sense. (Score 1) 422

by Cheney (#34382010) Attached to: The 5-Year Console Cycle Is Dead
Why would any company want to compete on the level that they did these past five years (excluding the Wii)?

Sony and Microsoft, pushing forward with their loss leaders.. only just now starting to etch out a good portion of the market that they're actually making money.

Of course, even after all this time, it still deserves to be said how amazingly the Wii massacred the other two. Though.. now that MS and Sony have a more.. non-hardcore offering, where will this lead them?

Only time will tell, and interesting it will be, either way!

Comment: Re:Majority != geeks (Score 1) 345

by Cheney (#34020910) Attached to: Ray Ozzie's Departing Memo a Warning To Microsoft
It's weird in a sense that I could be called a 'pirate'.. If there's a game I want to play, I usually own it on one system or another. The majority being the Xbox, as it's far more difficult to play downloaded games on. The thing is, though, is that I usually buy a game on the Xbox and then download it on the computer. So I've paid for their software, once. I see no reason to have to give them 120 dollars for the same thing over 60. Maybe this means I'm pirate, maybe not?

Comment: Re: Facebook Is Down (Score 1) 448

by Cheney (#33684780) Attached to: Facebook Is Down
I love the condescending attitude of some /.'ers involving social networks. As a deployed military member, often my only stable way of contact with family and friends is over Facebook. In this, I see it as a valuable tool. It's more stable and far more easily accessible than grabbing a phone from 10,000 other people who all want to talk to their family. But yeah, nothing of value was lost. :)

Comment: No.. (Score 0, Troll) 453

by Cheney (#30527188) Attached to: The US Economy Needs More "Cool" Nerds
The U.S. needs to kill off the idiotic youth that will soon be our main work-force. Out of curiosity, I asked a 20 year old full time student who the former vice president of America was for the past 8 years was.. I get a "?????".

When asked which celebrity recently just passed away.. it was an immediate response full of confidence and knowing. There ya go.

"Indecision is the basis of flexibility" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.