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Comment Re: Slippery slope. (Score 5, Informative) 604

The lockdown wasn't put into place after the bombings. It was enacted after the murder of a security guard, robbery, carjacking, a shootout with ~200 rounds of ammo, one of the suspects blowing himself up, and the other escaping into the neighborhood with who-knows-what for intentions or weapons.

That, combined with the lockdown happening on a Friday (hey, 'free' day off of work!), and it doesn't shock me that people were willing to comply for a day.

Comment Re:And... it's gone (Score 1) 636

Slightly OT, but I have an uncle who sold his dental practice, joined the Army as a dentist and served in Korea. Probably not the same person, since there are likely to be >1 dentist in the US Army, but it was interesting to hear about your friend doing the same thing.

Comment Re:Define "presence" (Score 1) 297

Why would they do that? Sales tax is *already* collected on internet retailers with a presence in a given state. This bill would allow states to collect sales taxes even if the internet retailer does not have a presence, but that doesn't mean that establishing a presence would exclude them.

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