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Comment 2 cheap KVMs (Score 1) 128

All three of your computers have dual monitor output. You have 2 monitors.

Put a 3+ computer KVM on each monitor, connect each computer to both KVMs.

The only drawback is you would have to press buttons on KVMs to change you modes, you wouldn't be able to use the keyboard shortcuts keys that some KVMs support.

Comment Phone lines might be cat5e (Score 1) 279

All my phone lines are cat5e. You just need to find where your POTS is wired into your internal lines and put in a switch and rewire the cables/jacks you want as ethernet instead of phone. If you don't have cat5e or better you either need to wire your house depending on the level of difficulty or just use 802.11ac.

Comment Re:Don't Worry, We Spent All the Energy Already (Score 1) 339

For my house:
The phones/tablets that the kids use take less power than the 2011 laptops.
The lcd tvs take less power than the projection tvs.
The coax line amp takes less power than the cable dvr that is gone in favor of OTA.
My Netgear R6300 uses a max of 38W vs the old WRT54g at 8W max, so that is the only less efficient device.

Comment Re:Just don't get it (Score 1) 134

A gameklip gives you portable gaming which OUYA can't offer. A better comparison would be a slimport/mhl adapter to add HDMI out to your phone and the SixAxis app to pair a PS3 controller over bluetooth. If you already have a phone then buying these accessories is cheaper than an OUYA and you get a better controller and a larger selection of games.

Comment Re:There's a difference (Score 1) 118

Well CentOS is effectively a RedHat owned project project now And RedHat has screwed with their source code in order to cause pain to commercial derivatives: so while there is a difference you can't exactly say either company likes 3rd party derivatives.

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