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Journal: I am so SICK of brand-fapping.

Journal by Chas

I guess it's just me, but I find the notion that sound purchase decisions for IT-based solutions can be achieved solely on brand-name recognition by the luddite "general public" is not only insulting, but ridiculous as well.

I mean, YES, there ARE mental defectives out there who will simply buy ANYTHING with a specific brand name on it (*COUGH*APPLE*COUGH*). But using that to gauge technical merit of a purchase?

Again, I'm not saying that various-and-sundry intellectual cripples don't do this. But I'd like to think that the rest of the people researching solutions, or making the purchase decisions are at LEAST making the attempt to inform themselves before making a purchase decision.

Whether this means they go with *INSERT BRAND HERE* or *INSERT ANOTHER BRAND HERE*, doesn't make a bit of difference. Merely that they made an informed choice (even if the information was wrong/incomplete/biased).

"Don't think; let the machine do it for you!" -- E. C. Berkeley