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Comment: Re:Oh, good. (Score 1) 229

by CharlieMurphy (#42685029) Attached to: Samsung Amps Up Its Multi-Window Android Upgrade
Most android apps scale to different screen/window sizes without issue, unlike ios where everything is hardcoded to particular resolutions. I use a modified rom on my galaxy phone which allows me to split window any app and its great - I havent found an application that doesnt work perfectly with it.

Comment: I must be missing something (Score 1) 205

by CharlieMurphy (#42158669) Attached to: Least-Cost Routing Threatens Rural Phone Call Completion

"When they can't get through they'll call us and ask us to check the lines, and we do and they are working properly, so then they'll ask us if we can go out and see if the person is OK because they aren't answering their phone," she says. "And we'll do that because we're concerned, too."

This example seems a bit fishy. Even the local telco can't call their customer, so in this case its just because they aren't answering their phone, not due to routing issues.

Comment: Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

by CharlieMurphy (#38179714) Attached to: Why Everyone Hates the IT Department
This is often the underlying problem. The user thinks something should be cheap and quick - which at face value it is - but they don't want to listen to the underlying reasons why. This is why a pricing model works best. Calculate an overall price for different tiers of storage, and its a business call if they want to spend $x for another 2TB of storage, or spend the time to delete files.

Comment: Re:i hereby nominate (Score 1) 203

by CharlieMurphy (#34727254) Attached to: The 10 Worst Tech Products of 2010
Agree, the D600s are an awesome machine. They look a bit plasticy on the outside, but the screen back and internal frame is solid magnesium. They also have some nice touches, like an internal rechargeable battery that lets you sleep the machine, swap the main battery, then resume from sleep and keep on working. Great if you don't have access to AC power, you can swap out the main battery in about 10 seconds and keep on working. They also overclock well (1.6ghz to 2.13ghz) if you are able to solder on a tiny surface mount resistor, the speed jump makes them quite snappy.

Girls Bugged Teachers' Staff Room 227

Posted by samzenpus
from the making-the-grade dept.
A pair of enterprising Swedish schoolgirls ended up in court after they were caught bugging their teachers break room. The duo hoped they would hear discussions about upcoming tests and school work, allowing them to get better grades. It worked until one of them decided to brag about it on Facebook, and the authorities were called in. The girls were charged with trespassing and fined 2,000 kronor ($270) each in Stockholm District Court.

Comment: Re:More companies too (Score 3, Interesting) 481

by CharlieMurphy (#31856698) Attached to: Microsoft Mice Made in Chinese Youth Sweatshops?
Unfortunately workers are often "forced to" stay at work as the employers withhold salaries to ensure the workers stick around. The workers poor education and government corruption mean there is not much the workers can do about it. There was a very well done documentary about a young girl working in a jeans factory in China which showed the terrible working and living conditions, I wish I could recall the name of it.

Comment: Re:Not if you Heel & Toe (Score 1) 750

by CharlieMurphy (#31293058) Attached to: Should I Take Toyota's Software Update?
I was thinking the same thing, however a poster above indicates you can press the brake and accelerator together for up to 1.5 seconds. If it takes you longer than that to heal & toe, you probably shouldn't be doing it ;) "3) Updated the firmware. After the update, I did a test where I got the car going 30Mph, and then pressed and held the accelerator. While the accelerator was depressed, I applied the brake with my left foot. After about 1.5 seconds, the engine RPM went down to idle speed. I repeated this test 2 more times. Same result each time."

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