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Comment Green weapons (Score 0) 230

What's the problem? I thought that was the whole point for the tree huggers, low fallout and since it is not fossil fuel based, low carbon.

Personally I think the thresh hold for the US to get involved in global stupidity would be threats great enough that a nuclear response in appropriate. (I do have a much lower requirement for nuclear response. Iran, Saudi, Turkey and other muslim terror supporting countries would already have been hit with one.) Glass a city or two, we could even be nice and give them 24 hours notice, with low yield nukes to show we mean business and then use conventional forces to mop up. Otherwise we should stay out of it.

Comment Re:Grease can be used as fuel. Why would you dump (Score 1) 189

You do realize this is Seattle we are talking about. Burning anything has reams of environmental regulations that must be followed. California had a similar problem while I lived out there 2000-2006. The easiest solution was simply to drive out into the desert at night and dump what ever you were trying to get rid of since they made it such a pain in the ass to dispose of through more reasonable means.

Comment Re:Yeah that's not going to matter. (Score 1) 165

I like that idea too. You wouldn't need anything other than that to get people to drive safely. I like the idea better of just simply making everyone having a mandatory period where the only thing they can ride is a motorcycle before they are allowed to drive something bigger, and then if they break laws are forced back to small bikes. That way they only hurt themselves when they are retarded.

Roads, in just about any modern country, we actually made for cars. Sure there are those foot paths that have been in use for literally thousands of years in places like England, always thought those were pretty cool to use, but the roads these days were bought and paid for by people with vehicles, and that includes most of the foot and bike paths too since the gov'ts tend to lump that all under transportation infrastructure.

Comment Yeah that's not going to matter. (Score 0) 165

Natural selection works, quit fighting it.

I wonder what the pedestrian safety rating for my new all steel armored off-road bumper will be?

Seriously idiots that walk in front of cars should not be encouraged to survive much less breed.

The first jail break on self driving cars will be the software that decides to sacrifice the car and passengers over plowing through a bunch of idiots in the street...."cough Black Lives Matters/student protesters, cough, cough....shit heads who are on their phone and don't look up cough..cough"

Comment Re: Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

We went through all that nonsense in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. It didn't work then and it won't work now.

The funny thing was the arguments that tore it all the various gun control laws down were from the civil rights movement. You can't take someone's rights away even if you pass a law to do it. So thank all those women's, blacks, and gay activists for setting the legal precedence for gutting all the gun control laws in the US.

Comment Re:Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

...or it might have something to do with all the leaders of the Liberal party talking about how we need to do something about gun violence before the bodies are even counted much less cold.

I haven't seen too many NRA ads on TV taking a pro-gun stance but every media outlet has been plastered Obama and the rest of the criminals front and center within hours of each of the recent shootings.

Comment Re:It's been done. (Score 1) 260

I will never argue about employing prevention, but when it is past that point it's not worth the time, effort, and suffering to save a criminal. You saving both just ends up hurting more people down the road.

Put him in prison now $15,000+ a year goes up in smoke to incarcerate him. Society looses.
Let him out and he goes back to crime what number of people are killed or harmed in the future? Society looses

Put three 9mm center mass and cut our loses. Society is out $.75 and no one else is harmed in the future, no innocent children are created by the criminal only to be victims of the criminals failed life choices and future criminal themselves. Sounds like the best deal to society for me.

Comment Re:To higher ground? (Score 1) 289

Sorry you are full of shit. US is one of the few nations whose emissions are dropping. My 2.5 ton SUV gets better gas mileage than the BMW car I used to drive 10 years ago. The next one I buy I'm sure will be even better.

If you decide to go live someplace stupid, it's on you to pay for your poor decisions not anyone else. No one owes you a damn thing.

Comment Re:To higher ground? (Score 1) 289

Sea level rise wouldn't be a problem if people quit trying to live in low areas. You say other countries are causing the problem by polluting, I say they are causing their own problem by trying to live on an atoll.

We make fun of people who live at the base of volcanos when they get upset about the volcano rumbling, or the morons in New Orleans that live 20 feet below substandard flood controls, or living on a mountain and being upset about avalanches.

I see no difference between those poor choices and in someone living at the waters edge getting upset over the tide coming in.

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