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Comment Re:The future is progressive. (Score 1) 485

There is a 1st world standard assumed if they are able to comment in English on /.

He has a very good point. You can pick up an old 30ft sail boat for well under $10,000 and outfit it with enough gear to go as far out to sea as you want. I've been tossing around the idea myself since I've managed to get to a place financially that I can retire at age 44. The things that are holding me back are exactly what he has stated. Comfort and security.

It is a very nice analogy for the future space ship pilot willing to sail outside of the local bay (solar system).

Comment The future is progressive. (Score 1) 485

Never understood with energy being near free and materials being near free, why wasn't everyone and their cousin flying around in space ships, unless of course the government squashed any thoughts about having your own star ship and only properly certified and licensed captains could fly them. Don't like it, then join Star Fleet....here see if this red shirt fits.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 698

Yes and no. Most States have unconstitutional bans on swords and long knives. There are groups that are actively pursuing legal action to pull them down.

Here in Florida a CWP covers big knives (and a bunch of other things) but I think the max length is 13 inches.

Comment A country sized face palm event. (Score 0, Flamebait) 755

If you are going to have a retard theft based (taxes) welfare system the best way to do it is just give everyone a check and get rid of 99% of the bureaucrats needed to run it.

That being said what a fucking STUPID idea. Its hard enough to get people to get off their ass and work now, and you are going to treat adults like spoiled children by giving them an allowance expecting nothing in return?!

Here is a crazy idea if you don't work, you don't eat. Want a basic living allowance? Then you need to work 40 hours a week at a job, any job. There is trash that needs to be picked up on the side of the road and public toilets everywhere that need to be scrubbed.

I personally see nothing wrong with letting people suffer as a form of motivation. A friend's dad had a saying that makes perfect sense to me now in my old age.

"You do kick a man when he is down. It gives him motivation to get back up."

It's insane to think giving money and benefits to a person sitting on their ass things will get them to get going again. It's very comfortable sitting on your ass, even when it is on the ground.

Comment Re:Oh slashdot... (Score 1) 503

Eventually we reach a point where it becomes possible to provide everyone with enough to live comfortably at no cost to anyone else.

And why would anyone do that? I own my own robots that grow food, make stuff, and provide security. The smelly homeless guy in the street expects me to shelter, cloth, and feed him? ROBOTS SHOW THIS TRASH TO THE CURB!!

Sure there will be plenty of charity types who will do the good work, but society as a whole will eventual get sick of those that can't or worse.....wont. With robots as weapons I can see the wonts pushed out pretty hard.

Essentially there will be no need for the bottom %'s. Those is power will bribe or force those at the bottom to stop breeding. Eventually the world will be filled with nothing but the top percent. Is this a bad thing? Maybe may be not depends on your philosophy.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307

"Hasn't it been proven that austerity measures don't work anyways?"

What austerity? They reduced the amount of money they were spending, but it was still more than they were taking in taxes. That's like only adding $1000 a month on your credit card instead of $2000. Ooooo looky I "cut" spending. Kind of like Obama and Congress here in the States.

The flip side of austerity is if you are unwilling to cut spending you have to make more money to pay the debt. The Greek people are unwilling to work nor are they willing to pay more, so they now have their current mess.

All that has been proven is that you should never loan money to dead beats and expect to be paid back.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307

"Funny fact" People die because that's what people eventually do after they are born. History is filled with deaths of billions of people. It's sort of normal. Now if you are suggesting the budgets are out rioting in the street murdering people then I would agree with you they probably need to be stopped. Since that is not the case I think your bias is showing.

The Greek people need to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses or they will starve, and die off, until they do. There is no free lunch. No one owes them a god damn thing. Grow up and stop behaving like socialists.

Comment Re:Volt (Score 1) 688

You first clue should be the word "Chevy" there are a great many of us who will NEVER buy a GM product again just on principle. Second, it's a dog for $35K. I could go get a much nicer car for the same price that has better performance and similar fuel economy. Third GM isn't exactly known for quality work. I wouldn't know anymore because I'll never make it past the 1st reason.

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