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Comment Re:Oh slashdot... (Score 1) 503 503

Eventually we reach a point where it becomes possible to provide everyone with enough to live comfortably at no cost to anyone else.

And why would anyone do that? I own my own robots that grow food, make stuff, and provide security. The smelly homeless guy in the street expects me to shelter, cloth, and feed him? ROBOTS SHOW THIS TRASH TO THE CURB!!

Sure there will be plenty of charity types who will do the good work, but society as a whole will eventual get sick of those that can't or worse.....wont. With robots as weapons I can see the wonts pushed out pretty hard.

Essentially there will be no need for the bottom %'s. Those is power will bribe or force those at the bottom to stop breeding. Eventually the world will be filled with nothing but the top percent. Is this a bad thing? Maybe may be not depends on your philosophy.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307 1307

"Hasn't it been proven that austerity measures don't work anyways?"

What austerity? They reduced the amount of money they were spending, but it was still more than they were taking in taxes. That's like only adding $1000 a month on your credit card instead of $2000. Ooooo looky I "cut" spending. Kind of like Obama and Congress here in the States.

The flip side of austerity is if you are unwilling to cut spending you have to make more money to pay the debt. The Greek people are unwilling to work nor are they willing to pay more, so they now have their current mess.

All that has been proven is that you should never loan money to dead beats and expect to be paid back.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307 1307

"Funny fact" People die because that's what people eventually do after they are born. History is filled with deaths of billions of people. It's sort of normal. Now if you are suggesting the budgets are out rioting in the street murdering people then I would agree with you they probably need to be stopped. Since that is not the case I think your bias is showing.

The Greek people need to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses or they will starve, and die off, until they do. There is no free lunch. No one owes them a god damn thing. Grow up and stop behaving like socialists.

Comment Re:Volt (Score 1) 688 688

You first clue should be the word "Chevy" there are a great many of us who will NEVER buy a GM product again just on principle. Second, it's a dog for $35K. I could go get a much nicer car for the same price that has better performance and similar fuel economy. Third GM isn't exactly known for quality work. I wouldn't know anymore because I'll never make it past the 1st reason.

Comment Re:Yeah, but I still don't see the problem (Score 1) 188 188

You know that whole pooling of massive amounts of wealth over generations would apply to you too if the government didn't step in and take half of it while you make it and then another half after you die.

At 8% interest and $25 a month from the month you are born till you are age 72 you would be a multi-millionaire.

Comment How hard is it? (Score 1) 490 490

STEM toys? Here is a crazy idea, stop buying them little Suzy homemaker/power shrew (empowered business woman)/street whore make over kits and maybe they'll do something more that goes beyond their visual appearance and the ability of their vagina to convert sperm into child support payments.

Instead buy them LEGOs, any of a dozen sand box builder games, model rockets, remote controlled drones, e-readers (loaded with lot's of post apocalypse/Sci-Fi books)DLS cameras/Go-Pros, tools and art supplies, 3D printers, etc. The other is to smack them when they try to sign up for the social sciences and make them instead take Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, Physics, Shop/Maker classes, Chemistry, Engineering, tech trades, and other course work that takes a bit more brain power than what is required to regurgitate Fem-Nazi social Marxist talking points.

Comment It's kind of nice (Score 1) 410 410

If you like a an expensive place packed with people, few of which speak actual English, where the most interesting things Culturally are literally hundreds of years old then yeah London might be the town for you. I liked it. Lot's of money there, the beer was great, the temperature was bearable, and very touristy. Other than that? I'm but it's no better than any other city.

On the plus side it does look like you internet prices have drop substantially since I lived there last. Nice!

Comment Re:Liberty (Score 1) 609 609

when their conception of freedom has absolutely nothing to do with actual freedom, and are really the rationalizations of immature children who either are 1. maliciously trying to avoid the consequences of their actions, or 2. are so fucking ignorant they don't understand their actions even have consequences

You just described every Liberal/Socialist that has ever existed.

Comment Well that just about covers all the necessities. (Score 1) 283 283

Cool. Now I just need to make enough money to buy beer. Rent is covered, cell phone is covered, food is covered, health care is covered, school is covered, bussing is covered and now porn and video games are covered.

"I need a job!" said no guy ever once he figured out how to sign up for all this free stuff.

Musk hurry the fuck up with that Mars Colony already, or somebody get the zombie apocalypse rolling the level of stupid on planet Earth is reaching critical mass.

Comment A good mental excercise with no practical value. (Score 1) 56 56

Maybe offloading that stuff to the monster gaming rig in the corner doing nothing most of the time, but to have several smart phones, tablets, and other devices trying to run things, that is dumb. 1st off no matter how cool phones and tablets have become they are lightweights when it comes to crunching data. It would take 5-10 devices to begin to be useful and when they are doing that they are not doing what you wanted them for in the first place. 2nd off the companies that provide services for phones tend to have gigantic server farms that they maintain to do exactly that. (Anyone heard of Amazon, Google, Apple?)

If anything we want our handheld devices to become as dumb as possible so they will last weeks without having to be recharged and to be as light as possible.

If all else fails, lower your standards.