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by Charcharodon (#47383523) Attached to: London Regulator Says Uber Is Operating Legally
Spending cuts are not the same as being "anti-poor".

If you can't live within your means the cuts are going to happen one way or another whether you want them to or not. The current method is simply to inflate the currency (print or borrow) until it is worth less. That monthly welfare handout drops in buying power even as they increase the dollar/pound amount on the check.

If you think either part is "pro-working class/poor" you are an idiot. They are "pro" themselves and that's it.

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by Charcharodon (#47349303) Attached to: Facial Recognition Might Be Coming To Your Car
You are right I am not the market they are catering to, but I did buy what I wanted. It took contacting 4 dealers before I could get my 4x4, as all of them wanted me to buy what was off the lot rather than order it.

I picked up a 2011 FJ Cruiser base package, manual transmission, a full set of dealers repair manuals, and a lap top adapter along with a copy of Techstream.

It does what I want it to do, when I want it to do it, and how I want it to do it. (Thanks Techstream) If I am going to make the payments then I actually expect the vehicle to be mine.

The only vehicle I would have liked to pick up from Ford was one of their international Ford Rangers, (Turbo diesel, quad cab, small pickups.), but unfortunately between all the gov't regulations and the very thin profit margin on bare bones vehicles, they don't want to sell them in the States.

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what the hell is wrong with a key? If that key is just too heavy for you to carry how about a key pad to unlock everything?

I don't need the fucking car to update facebook, check to see if I shaved, adjust all the settings, make sure I'm not drunk, or ask the real owner whether or not I can drive it, and then not work if there isn't a WiFi or cell signal present. (I'm sorry but you do not have permission to operate this vehicle as zombies are trying to break in.).

I want my car to be a car, I don't need an ever bigger fucking cell phone to complicate up my life, and not to mention charge me yet another monthly service fee, along with spying on me to send the info to the gov't and marketers.

Eat a bag of dicks Ford.

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George Lucas has selected Chicago over Los Angeles and San Francisco

Great Choice Georgee it fits with the theme.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Poor Han he still won't be able to shoot first there either. Maybe you should have picked Florida instead, we have more reasonable gun laws down here.

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You think we'd have a lot of money if we didn't spend it on wars, imagine how much we would have if we didn't spend it on Welfare (corporate and social) which represents a MUCH larger number.

We could buy every working person a new fuel efficient car every year and repave all the interstates and still have money left over.

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The solution is Netflix and everyone else needs to let you buffer based on your available bandwidth. If your connection is too slow to watch the HD movie you have paid for then it should pretty much download the whole thing and then let you watch it.

The whole concept of live streaming accross the internet has always been a stupid idea for pre-recorded non-live media consumption

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I think in order to keep everybody safe we should prohibit gun sales, so only the people who currently have guns can have guns. then we make a DB of the people who currently have the guns and we'll be all set.

If it's so dangerous for people to have guns why stop at just those who already have them. I would support total disarmament as long as NO ONE in gov't is allowed to have armed guards.

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I wonder how soon until ISPs' tiered pricing packages will become indistinguishable from those for cable TV, with grouped together services that vary not just in throughput or quality guarantees, but in what sites you can reach at each service level, or which sports teams are subject to a local blackout order

At which point I will be cancelling my service and be giving a big double middle finger to which ever douche bag company that thinks they can pull that nonsense with internet service.

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by Charcharodon (#46259427) Attached to: Your 60-Hour Work Week Is Not a Badge of Honor
I am not over worked if I am getting paid hourly, plus overtime, plus whatever else.

Give me a 2x,3x,4x,5x multiplier on an hourly wage above $25 an hour and I'll gladly work 60-80 hours a week for 6-12 months straight.

You want me to work that on a salary that is less than $80-100K? How about no. Happily I am in a good place in life right now. After working my ass off for 20 years, work now is an option not a requirement.

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'The steady price increases in broadband rates cast a pall over any cord cutter's dreams. It's possible that you might still save money now by cutting off your cable. But if you plan to watch a lot of TV over the Internet, don't expect to save money forever.'"

The only way I've been willing to deal with a price increase is when they offer me a stupid amount of extra bandwidth. Oh you want to give me 25/10 service for $5 more? Sure. Oh you want to give me 25/25 service for $1 more a month. Heck yeh! You are offering 100/65 for $35 more a month......FUCK YEH!!!!

Comcast's idea: we are raising your rates by $5 this year and we are throttling your connect to 7/1. Me: Go fuck yourself and cancel my account. Comcast: wait?! what?!

Just the past amount of bad blood I've had with cable companies would keep me from doing business with one again. When I bought my house, my real-estate lady thought I was nuts, I checked out all the houses she was going to show me to see if they had cable or FIOS for service (the area around Tampa is broken up into little monopoly zones with either one or the other) and refused to go look at houses that only had access to cable.

As far as having to "pay" things are moving so fast that in 10 years most of the new shows are going to come from any of the old broadcasters. Comcast doesn't represent so much as a horse buggy whip factory, but a store that specialized in selling and delivery horse buggy whips.

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Nearly all the new developments have the lines underground, but refitting the older places is money wasted. There is the other nasty side of making that not feasible is getting the easements to put the lines underground. Just because the power company has an easement to string power lines across a property does not mean they have an easement to burry it. The eminent domain fights alone would bankrupt any city/county or electric company that tried to do so and would give property rights proponents untold amounts of court cases that would dropping at the same time to completely undo decades worth of eminent domain abuse that had previously gone on one at a time below the radar.

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