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Comment: Re:Please.... (Score 1) 489

by Charcharodon (#49437299) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"
I was just being paranoid. There are just a lot more low res copies so it made it harder to refind this one.

Right around 19 seconds you can see the wires tangled up in the officers hands, which means the taser was fired.

There is more going on than what this video shows.
Scott was puled over in a traffic stop. How far did he run from that? What did he do while fleeing? Why would he flee from the car, then again when the officer caught up with him, and then still keep going again after being Taser'd?

Comment: Re:Please.... (Score 1) 489

by Charcharodon (#49437137) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"
Watch the video again on 1080p. He picks up the Taser and drops it next to him because he fired it and hit him with it, which is probably why he was running away so weirdly. You can see the wires a few seconds before he starts shooting his handgun.

Now the part I find strange is now all the youtube videos of the incident are now all 720p which makes it a lot harder to see the wires. Yesterday there were plenty of versions that were 1080p.

Comment: Re: This (Score 1) 81

There is a bit of truth to that. Some people never move much past just reading. The books are supposed to inform or inspire. But then again you need a garage full of junk & tools or a bike and free range to put that information and inspiration to good use.

Lot's of parent won't let their kid near a saw, supervised or not, nor allow them to ride more than 2 minutes way from the house, so they never make it out of the book.

Comment: Re:Man stuff (Score 1) 81

I say "Man Stuff" but when his little sister hits 11 next year she'll be coming out for pretty much all the same. Though we'll have to add in getting the hair and toes done (the girlfriend can handle that business) in addition to the shark fishing (something the girlfriend also will be handling).

Comment: Man stuff (Score 1) 81

Don't have kids, but the nephew is coming out for a chunk of the Summer. Last year list included:
home repairs
truck oil change/chassis lube/tire rotation rope climbing courses
hot lunch meat w/melted, cheese sandwiches & scrambled eggs(how to make)
how to do a fresh OS software install
a day at Busch Garden doing a little height de-sensitivity training on all the roller coasters
shark fishing from a kayak.

This summer will be:
SCUBA diving
how to drive a stick shift truck(private roads for the win)
vehicle corrosion prevention, (pull all the plastic off and clean up any rust we find underneath)
how to apply do a plasti-dip and paint job
some bolt on off road vehicle upgrades
some electrical vehicle upgrades
more home maintenance
Busch Gardens again
how to operate and field strip various firearms, he already knows how, but he needs speed and some problem solving skills
how to grill
hit all the basic kitchen tricks such as Mac-N-Cheese/Ramon so he can feed himself
more ocean kayak fishing
If he is really lucky and I can get his mom on board and we can squeeze it in, maybe this year we'll include how to ride a motorcycle or a flying lesson

Comment: Re:Customers... may not... discuss prices? (Score 1) 197

Small business owners are just as big of crooks as the large business owners. Swap Senator with County Commissioner and you know who the checks are going to.

Who ever offers the best service at the best price is going to get my money. Buy American, buy local just because? I say Fuck No!

Comment: why is this taking so long? (Score 1) 383

How hard is it to tell them, either end your nuclear program or we will?

47 minutes after Iran announces that they have a nuclear weapon a large mushroom cloud over Tehran will announce the cancelation of said nuclear program.

Send that message.

anything past that is a waste of time.

Comment: Re:Do the math. (Score 1) 208

by Charcharodon (#49395687) Attached to: Comcast Planning 2Gbps Service, Starting With Atlanta
True but then in 2004 I couldn't buy or build a desktop machine as powerful as my smart phone.

It still blows the mind that we walk around with more computing power than was available in the 60's to NASA, and probably most of the rest of the US, in our pockets. That reminds me time to watch some youTube videos of a cat riding on a Roomba.

Comment: Do the math. (Score 1) 208

by Charcharodon (#49394659) Attached to: Comcast Planning 2Gbps Service, Starting With Atlanta
My 5Mbit service from Comcast is currently costing me $50/month, about what it was 10 years ago.

Do the math. With 3% annual inflation and you are still paying $50 for service ten years later?

You are actually paying about $36 compared to the $50 dollars you were paying in 2004 dollars. Not that I'm ever going give Comcast any props, but they are giving you the same service for less money.

Just like going large for just a quarter more, the base cost for each customer is basically the same whether they order 1 Big Mac meal or 5 of them. Comcast has some fixed costs whether you buy the base package of the "drink from the firehouse" bandwidth package. Seems that cost is about $50.

You want the big bump in bandwidth you are going to have to pay them more than the minimum. Typically you don't see any real nice jumps in speed until you get to the $75-100 packages. I've had $100 FIOS package for a while and they seem to be throwing more bandwidth at me every 6-12 months. My service is rated at 165/165Mbps officially, but speed tests show it somewhere closer to 190/190Mbps.

Comment: Re:Slow (Score 4, Insightful) 106

by Charcharodon (#49394339) Attached to: World's First 1 Megawatt All-Electric Race Car
My motorcycle tops out at poky 187mph, but then again it only takes it 9 or so seconds to get there.

In a NASCAR or a Formula 1 race you might be right about 160 being slow, but this car is being designed for a race that is 12.4 miles long with 150 turns in it. I doubt there'll be much opportunity to get above 100mph much less 160.

It will shine in two aspects. Electric cars are not affected by altitude. Gas burners get weaker the higher they go, turbo and superchargers can only do so much high up in the mountains. The other place will be coming out of the before mentioned 150 turns. Electric cars may not be able to beat down gas cars for top speed, this is typically due to having only 1 gear rather than a lack of engine power, but they absolutely destroy them on the hole shot. It will have 150 opportunities to take advantage of that acceleration. The gas burners won't know what hit them.

Comment: Re:Fuck so-called religious "freedom" (Score 1) 1168

You can speak out against the behavior of Blacks, Homosexuals or Women all you want in the US and no one will bat an eye,

I'm going to have to call bullshit on that one. You make any statement then you are a racist, misogynistic, homo-phobe. It is considered incredibly anti-PC to call out the various victim groups on their behavior regardless of how obviously it is and how constructive your critique is to the conversation it is without the hoards of angry apologists coming out of the wood work to tear you down over what a bastard you are for "blaming the victim".

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