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Comment Bullshit. (Score 1) 220

I grew up near the Mississippi and watched the idiots get flooded out every year or two. Sure every once in a while it would come up to records in terms of human memories, the giant bluffs near the river attest to the water being much further inland, but it wasn't the water coming up that was causing all the "flooding" it was the people moving closer to the river.

I'm sure the Marshall Islands are no different. More people, which means more people (especially poor people) will be trying to live near the water or in areas that are cheap (due to flooding maybe?). We saw the same nonsense in New Orleans with people living 10-15 feet below the water level behind substandard dikes.

The water has been doing what the water does for thousands of years, but now there are more people in the way and somehow that makes it Global Warming. What a crock of shit. They aren't coming here because the water level moved up 1/16 of an inch. Those people want the better standard of living, jobs, and social programs....period end of story.

Comment Why are you still using these loosers? (Score 1) 54

Switched to Metro-PCS. $60 a month unlimited 4G which now includes either 6 or 8GB (don't remember which) of tethered data to go with that. Other than getting no signal in West Texas and parts of New Mexico (no one gets signal in West Texas or parts of New Mexico) I've been pretty happy with bandwidth and coverage.

Yeah it's kind of a ghetto company, but frankly I'm not that stuck up. Data is data. I also like the fact that every month is the end of the contract. If they piss me off I walk.

Downside to make the deal a good deal you need to pay for the phone upfront, so if you want the latest and the greatest it will cost you. I got the 5S when it came out for $600. It's a great deal these days for around $300.

Comment Re:Fundamental right????? (Score 1) 188

Internet access is not a right (go live on a mountain and try to get service), using it is not a right either (blind people and the retarded have a hard time using the internet), the choice to use the internet if you want is a right, the choice to provide said internet service is also a right. The last two are known as freedom.

Trying to make the first two rights is called socialism which is just a prettied up word for people who believe in slavery.

Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 1) 585

Most Native Americans were killed by disease not invaders. The rest were either killed in wars or were assimilated into the dominant culture.

Every wonder why Mexicans don't look like the Spanish of Spain or the Hispanics of South America, well that was because they interbred with the local Native populations.

There was a cool speech by Bill Whittle when talking about "Whose is it". The Mexican's Claim Texas and the rest of the South West belongs to them. So he listed everyone that "stole it"

1. We didn't steal Texas from Mexico we stole it from the Confederacy. They lost the war the US got Texas.
2. The Confederates got Texas from the Republic of Texas
3. They stole it from the Mexicans.
4. But the Mexicans stole Texas from Spain.
5. Spain got it from France, but they stole it from Spain early.
6. Spain stole it from the Comanches.
7. Who stole it from the Apaches
8. Who stole it from the Pueblo peoples
9. Who stole if from the First View people
10. Who stole it from Plaines View people
11. Who stole it from the Folsom people
12. Who stole it from Clovis man, who incidentally was there first.

His best point was the fact that every group (except for Clovis man) up until the US had to murder and steal the land to acquire it. Yes I am aware of the US history, but we are talking today as in right now. Now if you want a piece of Texas all you have to do is move there and buy some land.

The Native Americans were bastards just like everyone else. The only reason they are painted as the victims is because they lost, not because they were morally better than their conquerers. The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans were some of the most murderous peoples on the planet before the Spanish wiped them out. The same goes for most of the North American tribes.

Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 1) 585

Nice try. Last time I checked those evil Christians were targeting people who are murders in their eyes, and just about anyone with a functioning brain. Not infidels like most of the Muslim.

Christian: You abortion doctors killed 130,000 babies. We are going to do some bad stuff, we might even kill a doctor or two or try to burn down an abortion clinic, but mostly just protest.

Muslim: You drew a picture of the Muhammad sucking the cock of a goat. We are going to murder everyone linked to it and then riot and kill non-Muslim people in every major country on the planet by the thousands.

Like there is any comparison in those two things. You are a fuck-tard.

Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 1) 585

That is only true because they didn't keep statistics about which groups were perpetrating the crimes. That changed in 2012 in the US. We know, at least over the short term, exactly who (as in general groups) is committing all the crime. If we put all black males in prison between the ages of 14 and 25 crime would drop 65% tomorrow. If we did the same but with all Hispanic males in addition to black males that number would jump to 90%. Finally add in the white guys and that number would be up around 99%. Those Asian guys are too busy studying/playing video games to be bothered to commit crimes.

Notorious for it, but not actually linked to it? You are either ignorant or a liar. Which one is it?

Muslims run the full range of colors just like everyone else. Why are you being racist and claiming they are all brown? Most I've met are actually white or near enough. This is traveling in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and going to school in the US.

My answer isn't Fuck them, they are brown, it's fuck them they came from a country that was a shit hole before it became a war zone, and the odds are high enough that they are undesirable to have around because high double digit numbers of them are violent criminals and/or religious extremists.

I have the same opinion of all religions, though you don't see too many Christians blowing up children in the market these days, though I do remember when Ireland was on fire.

Comment Re: 911 Call (Score 1) 284

Double checked on the requirements on what it takes to become an EMT, yep still is only 2-6 months of training. Advanced EMT training and Paramedic training takes about 2 years total.

Not pooping on the good works you did, just stating the facts. The basic training for EMTs is very short, and training for paramedics is not much longer hence there are a lot of them and why they don't get paid much.

Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 4, Insightful) 585

In the US we already have less than 90% of the crime being perpetrated by less than 10% of the population. I can see why they might be upset with a 1% bump nearly made entirely of Muslim males from shit holes and failed states in the Middle East, in their teens and twenties, who are particularly notorious for their bad behavior.

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