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IG compliants are like cockroaches, if you see one there are probably another 100 or so waiting to be discovered. After 20 years working in the gov't most of the negative comments I see here are true. You have about 10% that are doing a great job, the next half do the bulk of the grunt work. The last 50% are made up of substandard workers. If you fired the bottom 20% on any given day the only thing you'd noticed at work would be the availability of more parking spots in the morning and possibly the productivity would go up since management could spend more time training and less time on personnel (off duty/discipline) issues.

Contracting out the work would improve it somewhat, but it would still have metric chasing issues.

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by Charcharodon (#47873449) Attached to: Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use
I think prisons are a huge waste of time and resources so don't put words in my mouth. The problems of education, employment, and poverty are a result of state function, which is where all the demand and money for prisons comes from. Take away the "need" aka the monetary incentive, and there won't be much demand for prisons. This is why 'm a firm believer in personal responsibility. If a criminal seeks a life altering event by inflicting injury on his fellow man, you are personally responsible to deliver it. Don't disappoint! Besides the taxes you save may be your own.

1x 9mm 124 grain hollow point $.27
1x 6ft deep hole in the ground $200
5 year minimum sentence in Federal prison for violent offender $150,000

If you can't see the money incentive distortion that creates in the market place then you are pretty much an idiot.

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"Loeffler suggests a suite of sensors including GPS and the wristband accelerometer could be given to convicts as a requirement for their parole. Not only would this help with police response in case of recidivism"

If ex-cons are suffering from recidivism you the public are doing it wrong.

Get to the gun range and get your grouping a little tighter and for God's sakes, even though they are more expensive these days, don't be stingy with those 100% effective anti-recidivism devices (aka bullets).

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Those connections are wonderful, where they are available (typically on in town, go even a couple miles outside and your choices are pretty much crap BT. No different than in the States. I live in Tampa now and enjoy a 100/65mbit for the same price I was paying in England for the garbage ADLS connection six years ago. 100/65 is not even their fastest offering, but again go a little to far out of town and your choices stink.

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Who said anything about disconnecting anything? Sure the house will be hooked up to the grid. As long as you owe on a mortgage you typically have to be hooked up to a public utility as part of the agreement.

Doesn't mean most of my appliances will be running off of it.

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Big deal. Hook up the panels to something you find useful and tell the grid to take a hike.

I've got 4 100 watt panels that send power to my desk. All my devices and this computer are powered by what is stored in the battery that is in a box nearby.

My next 1000 watts will go to run the pool and all my backyard lighting. The power company can cry all it wants, but eventually my entire house will be off the grid.

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And that, in turn, makes it fundamentally incompatible with such things as democracy or freedom of speech - or even of thought.

How does "I mind my business and you mind yours" is so incompatible with things such as democracy or the freedom of speech or liberty? Well it does interfere with people calling for the harm and slavery of others, under the pretence of social justice and fairness, which is why you resorted to name calling instead of a logical argument for a response. If the shoe fits........

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"You keep using that world. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Not seeing how few regulations and low taxes for everyone equally on one hand, and lot's of taxes, loop holes, subsidies and regulations tilted towards favored or politically connected groups/business on the other hand is a false dichotomy.

Currently we have the second, and a great many of us would prefer the first. As far as throwning out the baby, the only false anything is equating with "few" and "low" as meaning the same as "none". Does that help any there Paul?

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