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Comment: Re:Ozone layer is recovering (Score 0) 118

"When actual observations contradict all predictions made based on computer models you have to say that scientifically the models are flawed. If you believe a computer model over actual observed reality then you are a member of a cult, not a scientist.

What the Anonymous Coward said that all the cultists are trying to mod down.

Comment: Exactly how is that going to help? (Score 3, Insightful) 1091

by Charcharodon (#49731625) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour
At 3-5% annual inflation (gov't printing money) that'll eat a big chunk of that by 2020, and don't forget if you work in LA you get slaughtered by taxes in California. You'd been better off sticking with the old minimum wage welfare. Congrats morons, you just gave the government an excuse to take even more of your money.

Hope they manage it as well as illegal immigrate.....err yeah. Hope they manage as well as the electrical grid....oh wait. Hope they manage it as well as the highway system....hmmmmm. Hope they manage it as well as the water supply.......well fuck.

Comment: Let them compete. (Score 1) 322

by Charcharodon (#49729989) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States
There should only be a regulation or two for taxis. You should have to identify yourself properly and be registered with the city. That registration shouldn't cost more than the price of filing the paperwork. That is it.

If you piss off enough of your customers no one will do business with you after a while. Personally the Uber concept needs to be spread everywhere.

You are an asshole to date, work with, work for, do business with, go to school, about returning things you borrow, paying your bills, you should be blacklisted from society as a whole. Eventually you'll either stop being an asshole or you will starve.

Comment: Re: "Cashless" is meaningless (Score 1) 294

The US is also composed of many nation states as people are bound to forget. Places like California, Illinois, New York, Maryland are collapsing under the weight of government. Places like Texas, North Dakota, and Florida are doing better but the disease of gov't is spreading there as well.

Comment: Re:They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 1) 612

That is correct that their are no jobs without a demand, but the customers do not actually create anything. The business is what creates. If you want to see how this works do the island test. You are stuck an island by yourself and you demand a big pile of food, a bottle of rum, and a boat (so you can leave the damn island). Do any of those things spring into existence? How about if their are 2 people on the island demanding those things? No not yet? Ok how about 1 million people on that island demanding those things? And again your statement fails. You can demand anything all day long and it doesn't magically appear. Ok let's try this again on the same island but with a guy who just happens to know how to grow food, make rum, and build boats. He now wants a big pile of food, a bottle of rum, and a boat. So he begins growing the food, builds a still to make the rum, and chops down trees to make the boat. Let's try again with 2 people on the island. Yep food, rum, and boats are being made. How about with 1 million people. Yep food, rum, and boats are being made. Now you could argue that the guy wouldn't have made anything without the demand, so the demand came first, but I would counter with that the business came first because the guy knew how to build those things first. People dream all the time about things they want, but until someone actually figures out how to do it no jobs will ever be created to deliver such things

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