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+ - Shadowrun Online Kickstarter trending on 10% short with 24 hours to go.->

Submitted by Chandon Seldon
Chandon Seldon (43083) writes "Shadowrun Online is an online multiplayer tactical RPG set in the world of the venerable Shadowrun tabletop RPG. Their kickstarter is asking for $500k, and with 24 hours to go it's looking like it'll come up just short of that goal. They have an awesome concept: A turn-based tactical RPG based around four-player online co-op missions with persistent characters. They're planning to support Linux and that ridiculous Ouya console. They're trying to use Kickstarter to bring an amazing setting to life without publisher interference. Your pledge could make this happen."
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Comment: Re:Locked Bootloaders (Score 1) 282

by Chandon Seldon (#37169212) Attached to: FSF Uses Android FUD To Push GPLv3
> While not impossible to get into the radio, the FCC (I could be talking out of my arse here, so someone with more knowledge can confirm or deny this general memory of mine) doesn't want the entire population walking around with fully open phones, even if the companies would supply them. They would fail to get licensing. If you're not sure what you're talking about, why are you making claims that defend bullshit policies? Factually, there are several software controlled radio products that run fully free software and don't have significant problems from the FCC.

Comment: Re:Fully Automatic Weapon (Score 1) 463

by Chandon Seldon (#32574090) Attached to: Set Free Your Inner Jedi (Or Pyro)

or someone WILL get hurt.

That sucks.

But banning dangerous equipment just because people frequently and predictably get hurt is absurd. Anyone who wants to can go down to any hardware store and every aisle has five things that they could seriously injure you with. Mostly they don't, and if they did you'd file charges.

Comment: Re:Sorry kids (Score 1) 739

by Chandon Seldon (#31657406) Attached to: "Install Other OS" Feature Removed From the PS3

You are absolutely wrong.

The PS3 was advertised as having a set of features, including the ability to run an alternate OS. The alternate OS feature was explicitly publicized and reasonably well supported by Sony when the PS3 was released. This isn't some third party hack - the PS3 was being promoted intentionally as a Linux based Cell dev kit.

Anyone who purchased the PS3 in order to use both the alternate OS feature and the online gaming feature has been defrauded by Sony.

Comment: Re:The sad thing (Score 0, Flamebait) 678

by Chandon Seldon (#31367636) Attached to: Ubisoft's New DRM Cracked In One Day

maybe it is time to switch to a console

Why does everyone insist on making irrational choices here?

For single player video games, the best option - by far - is to pirate PC games. A pirated PC game downloads overnight for $0 and just works with absolutely no bullshit. In 20 years, you might have to run it in a VM for the old operating system, but it'll still run.

With that option on the table, buying games is silly and even considering doing the console thing is absurd.

Comment: Re:SFLC Sues 14 Companies for Copyright Violations (Score 1) 309

by Chandon Seldon (#30440582) Attached to: SFLC Sues 14 Companies For BusyBox GPL Violations

It would amount to free software developers giving away their code as charity to proprietary shops, who would then sell it for a profit.

Who would buy it? One guy so he could rip out the license enforcement malware and share the result with everyone else?

Sure, lots of people would have a bunch of binary blobs on their computer until people realized that releasing blobs was a waste of time, but if any of them were actually important it wouldn't be that hard to re-create source for them.

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