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Comment: Re:It's Possible (Score 2) 226

money = votes, so if you are a rich corp, you are automagically a majority

I beg to academically differ if i may

Money != least not the peoples votes and not directly. It requires our collective consent before translating into actual votes.

Money = advertising and influence
Influence/lobbying equals politician's votes surely
Advertising equals influence over sheeple , who then do indeed vote as directed (when bothering to take time from the cud).

So money ends up influencing votes in the most egregious way. But if people were to decide that it was time to end corruption and vote the bastards out in favor of real public servants, we could technically retire a sizable portion of congress in one fell swoop. And if we collectively put emphasis on getting educated about issues, thus making informed choices on our own ballot selections rather than allowing political advertising to hold such sway, there is nothing sort of mayhem that big $ could do about it.

OK, "yeah, right,...likely." is the response to that,...but the point still holds....we collectively consent to this mess. And we should never take that failure out of the equation. You're point that they become some manor of "majority" is taken, they are certainly trumping the people's business to an ridiculous and disgusting extreme. But they are a "majority" because we allow it.

Comment: Re:Run your own NTP if it matters (Score 2) 290

by Chakra5 (#40091689) Attached to: Know What Time It Is? Your Medical Device Doesn't

I stand corrected sir, good information and your point does make sense now....and my apologies!

i would then put forth that the problem isn't just 'government' but perhaps more appropriately, 'large systems' of which american government is certainly one of the biggest. It's a minor quibble based on what I now understand your point to be, but one I think is important in this day and age.

Stupidity is exponential. Living with 4 people in a house is with 300 million........

Comment: Re:Run your own NTP if it matters (Score 0) 290

by Chakra5 (#40090285) Attached to: Know What Time It Is? Your Medical Device Doesn't

The medical and legal professions are the most IT challenged disciplines I've ever seen, but that may be largely due to excessive gov't regulation.

You obviously have little experience in education.

....oh, and your politics are showing...IT challenge is related to gov't regulation how? And please do tell how this unspoken rational outweighs simply being cash strapped and crisis focused?....ok, not as sexy as knee-jerk rant against the "gob'met"...carry on with that

Comment: 3rd person shooter.... (Score 1) 416

by Chakra5 (#39828335) Attached to: Gaming Clichés That Need To Die
Off on a complete tangent.... Since I am still shooting even when I can see myself doing it, is it really a 3rd person shooter? I mean I suppose if it was you instead of I shooting, or even if'n you join me in shooting, we could get it up to a 2nd person shooter. But one would kind of require some random dude on ur screenz to honestly go wit 3rd person. Or perhaps I need to drink a beer and kill a mob of mobbed up mobs.

Comment: Re:To what end exactly (Score 1) 72

by Chakra5 (#39574155) Attached to: Anonymous Claims To Have Defaced Hundreds of Chinese Government Sites

As I hope would I, but are you honestly saying that most people would as well? or would they take offense at being lectured too?

As much as we all want to believe we'd be ever so enlightened in viewing such an event with an honest introspection, it's human nature to take offense when someone outside the tribe bitchslaps you.

Comment: To what end exactly (Score 1) 72

by Chakra5 (#39573621) Attached to: Anonymous Claims To Have Defaced Hundreds of Chinese Government Sites

Just consider how you would react if a group of Chinese "hacktavists" defaced a bunch of local sites in order to bring our attention to the issues in our system. What a wonderful benefit that would be right?


This is doing exactly zero good as far as I can see, and probably is doing some damage to the very cause they appear to be championing.

Comment: Re:why not the message in Chinese? (Score 5, Insightful) 72

by Chakra5 (#39573377) Attached to: Anonymous Claims To Have Defaced Hundreds of Chinese Government Sites

You give the Chinese people way too little credit. Remmber Tiananmen Square? The Chinese do.

Yeah but most of them "remember" only what the party line was. I dated a gal from China a few years back who was a quite intelligent and reasonable individual living in the west, and she was quite perplexed by the western "portrayal" of that incident. ...remember that they aren't seeing what you and I are seeing, even when it's inside their own country.

Comment: Re:Oh my god (Score 1) 126

by Chakra5 (#39573089) Attached to: 150 Gigapixel Sky Image Contains 1 Billion Stars

Yes. Now wouldn't it be great if we could share links to a coordinate and zoom level? They kind of missed one big detail to make this more useful.

ftfy Let's give credit where it's due. That's quite a picture as is. I found it quite entertaining my self. Would be nice to have a share-able coordinate system though. perhaps you would put that together then?

Comment: Re:Super cool! I hope this doesn't become widespre (Score 1) 249

by Chakra5 (#39549943) Attached to: Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight
I agree with your point that this is a bad idea, but would take it much farther by saying we get in plenty of fatal accidents on the ground. From drunk driving to other mischief to just plain bad luck. 2D is plenty dangerous. Adding a 3rd D to this mess would be a colossal #$&^ up, and not just on the road. Sitting at home having a nice lunch, when all of a sudden.....

Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done. -- James J. Ling