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Journal Chacham's Journal: What's the point of comment titles? 3

Writing a subject for a Journal is essential. It is a quick display about what the JE is about. Although most people use it for shock value, I appreciate it because I read very few JEs now. I just skip everything that doesn't have a descriptive title. Email is pretty much the same. I skip just about everything, unless I recognize the title.

Comments are different. Who actually looks at the title? The only time I see it as being usefull is when looking at an old list of comments. But, even then, seeing the story/journal its connected to tells me more about it then the title does.

As such, I've decided to skip titles. Since I can't, they're all the same by me now. Much like the "from the ... dept." I doubt if anyone has even noticed.

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What's the point of comment titles?

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  • Comment titles can sometimes be useful, I find (although nobody ever reads what I say because A) I'm boring and B) I always comment on the day after) - but most often they are not (like now). IMO they should be optional...

    Saying that, it does add a bit of breaking up of the comments.
  • by turg (19864) *
    (Hmm. I think a theme is developing in my responses to your JE's :-)

    Must every feature be useful to every user? How many users must use a feature for it to be worth implementing?

    If it is already implemented and it takes next-to-no-resources to maintain it, what is the point at which it should be removed because less than a certain number of people use it?
    • I never said that it should be removed. Just wondering why it's there. Is it useful to some? Who? And why?

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