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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Buy or build a bicycle 1

Haven't written in a while. Hmm..

I'm interested in a new bicycle. Mine was stolen, borrowed brother's, his was stolen, neighbor gave me his, one pedals (the whole arm) fell off (and finally lost nut), whacked it back on, this year tried again, then realized i whack it on but *not* 180 of the other. Oh well. Wasn't that good of a bike anyway. :)

So, i like computers, so i build my own. I need a bike, should i build my own? Been following, and i hope to find good infomration.

Just found this interesting:

How many spokes. Nothing major (right now) but a fairly interesting subject nonetheless.

Got to keep bicycle inside now. Detroit's crime rate has been migrating to the suberbs.

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Chronicle: Buy or build a bicycle

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  • Leave the city. This goes for just about any city, but the one you reside in is particularly bad.

    I don't have much advice for bikes at all. I don't ride anymore. However, when I was riding a fair bit it was often much more work than it was worth to build your own. Typically only the high end gear is going to be able to be bought by parts, and unless you are riding with one nut, the odds are it isn't going to help you that much. I'd just pick up a regular bike from a shop and ride that (for myself at th

In the future, you're going to get computers as prizes in breakfast cereals. You'll throw them out because your house will be littered with them.