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Comment: Re:SATA 3 is for SSDs (Score 1) 168

by Chabo (#29930005) Attached to: USB 3.0 the Real Deal, SATA 6GB Not Yet

Yes, but with SSDs you still have a divide between "random" and "sequential" access, based on the size of the access. Anandtech does 4KB reads/writes for their "random" tests, and 2MB reads/writes for their "sequential" tests. One thing that holds true for all SSDs on the market so far is a high sequential read speed, but significantly slower random read speed.

Comment: Re:Monopoly? (Score 4, Informative) 63

by Chabo (#29032017) Attached to: Intel Licenses NVIDIA SLI Technology For P55 Chips

You have it backwards. Crossfire works on pretty much any motherboard with multiple PCIe slots, provided they have sufficient bandwidth between them. SLI requires the motherboard manufacturer to purchase a license from Nvidia to support SLI on the board.

If I'm not mistaken, Intel's X58 board was the first Intel-made board to support SLI, and I don't think anyone made a P45 board supporting it.

Comment: Re:Customer service apparently alive still (Score 1) 284

by Chabo (#28898801) Attached to: Amazon US Refunds Windows License Fee, Too

without things waiting in some weird limbo for three days

This phenomenon is usually known as a "weekend".

If you order on a Friday, your order won't likely ship before Monday, because they don't work weekends.

Rush processing applies for orders made before noon, and if they don't ship your order that day, they refund the rush processing fee.

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