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+ - White Label Space want an Aussie flag on the moon

Submitted by Dante_J
Dante_J (226787) writes "Reported In a recent news article, of the 22 Google Lunar X-Prize teams, 'White Label Space' are the only one with notable Australian contributions, and is dedicated to becoming a major player in the rapidly expanding sector of private space exploration. Mr Barton said he picked up Lunar Numbat because he was keen to "harness the latent enthusiasm and frustration of Australian people"."

+ - Bastille linux hijacked

Submitted by fathertedgrinch
fathertedgrinch (1073876) writes "The Bastille-linux project's registration has apparently been hijacked by a cyber-squatter. See for information. note that there are two articles there — one describes the discovery, and the second shows the new url for bastille."

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