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Comment Re:Not the only fraud... (Score 1) 323

Huh. That's a weird statement to make considering the obvious and overwhelming improvement to air quality since big government started regulating car (and other) emissions, and in the case of one exception which was discovered after a handful of years.

You know that nobody expects laws to be 100% effective right? I can't even think of a law that is 100% effective.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 2) 451

I lived in Boston for a couple years. A few weeks before I moved out I was driving on a surface street and the car in front of me signaled his upcoming turn. I swear this is true; in my brain, my inner monologue went like this:

"What the hell is that weird flashing orange light on that car?"
"Is it a hazard light, but the other bulb is burned out?"
"Maybe I should slow down, something could be seriously wrong."
"You idiot, that's a turn signal."
"Oh, gosh, you're right. I haven't seen one of those in a long time."

That only took a second or two to process, but I was genuinely surprised.

Elsewhere in the country where I've lived, however, I find turn signals to be used mostly consistently. Here in Madison drivers are very good about them. I think it's cultural and geographically heterogeneous.

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