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Comment Re:Time to stop position bias (Score 1) 171

Yawn. Knowledge is impossible. You could be a brain in a vat or whatever.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have lives to live, and we can't waste our time rehashing the question of whether everything in our perception is a falsehood.

How do you know that Obama is really the President? Maybe Hillary Clinton really won in 2008, and has been President this whole time, but all media outlets and everyone who really knows is just lying to you. You're being manipulated!

Comment None of the Above (Score 1) 171

"None of the above" is a good option but only makes sense in an electoral system which can call elections at any time. Oh, there was no viable outcome to this election? Well then have another one in a couple months.

But it doesn't make sense with a Constitutionally mandated strict voting schedule. We'd have to change that.

Comment Re:God I hate to say this, but (Score 1) 562

"And if he feels so creative, he is free to use that huge pile of money to create something new of his own."

I'm not privy to his contract, but my guess is that he actually is contractually barred from making any movies remotely similar to Star Wars. That's a typical clause in buyouts. Another typical clause is that you can't run around badmouthing the thing you sold, which I figure is why the next day after this interview he reversed himself and said how happy he was and how much he liked the movie. He probably got an angry call from Disney's lawyers threatening to invoke the clawback clause for disparaging public remarks. But, I don't know, that's all speculation.

Comment Re:Yeah yeah (Score 1) 562

I think the Supreme Court really miffed that question. In my opinion, a "limited term" cannot be extended, ever; because if it can then it can be extended forever -- which of course is the situation today. Moreover, in my opinion a "limited term" should be understood in terms of human experience, meaning the limit should allow that a human who lives a normal human lifetime will experience the end of the term. Thus copyrights should be limited by the typical human lifetime (75 years, maybe 100 years if you are generous) and should be fixed by the law at the time of the copyright assignment.

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