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Comment: Re:WI: voted. (Score 2) 821

by Caspin (#41900071) Attached to: U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?
I'm the opposite. I think we should all vote by mail. I took 2 hours a home with the internet to completely fill out my ballot. I can imagine what knee jerk voting gets you at the polling both. "Well here are the 3 things I thought about ahead of time. And now I'll just vote Blue/Red for the rest of them."

Comment: Re:Still the future? (Score 2) 101

by Caspin (#35143960) Attached to: How Machine Learning Will Change Augmented Reality

Netflix has sponsored a hugely successful AI competition with a grand prize of 1,000,000 dollars.

Amazon uses AI to determine recommendations

US post office use AI so sort mail more accurately than a human and at insane speeds.

AI can beet any human at just about any game, it is even getting pretty good at Go!

Starcraft AI competition was just fun. Overmind use geneitic algorithms and machine learning to fine tune it's response to Starcrafts various enemies.

Your spam filter uses machine learning to better classify spam.

AI biggest is failure is that once AI has solved the problem it becomes an algorithm instead of machine learning. We do all of the work but get non of the glory.

Comment: Re:How convenient... (Score 4, Informative) 107

by Caspin (#33980916) Attached to: Google Testing High-Speed Fiber Network At Stanford Res Halls
umm... RTFA?

There are only 850 homes that are being serviced at Stanford, mostly faculty (no dorms). Google has plans to scale they're broadband experiment up to 50,000-500,000 homes before their done.

Stanford was selected to be the first because it was small and close to Google's campus. It is essentially the trial run before the really big deployments.

The rest of the communities will be selected before the end of the year.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Internet 92

Posted by samzenpus
from the vicky-who? dept.
MMBK writes "Our friends at JESS3 have unveiled The Ex-Blocker. It's a Firefox and Chrome plugin that erases all name and likeness of your ex from the Internet, even if they become a meme, or the president. You'll no longer have to threaten to delete your Facebook account or concoct an elaborate e-hoax to assuage the reality-shattering complications that are born from break-ups. Simply construct an Internet that omits bad vibes all together."

Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released 190

Posted by timothy
from the that's-a-nice-good-morning dept.
balster neb writes "Mozilla has released the first Beta of Firefox 4, the next major version of the popular web browser. Apart from the new 'Chromified' tabs-on-top UI, there are many major improvements in performance and HTML5 support. This release also adds support for the new WebM video format. Other changes include faster DOM and CSS performance, improved UI responsiveness, hardware 2D acceleration, experimental WebGL support, and better JavaScript performance (though this beta does not include the new JaegerMonkey JIT engine). More details on the Mozilla blog."

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