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Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 1) 60

How about ZERO inefficiency by just plugging your damn car in?

There's still loss from the cable, and the transformer that's in the charging unit - whether in the car or in the exterior charger. You can get rid of that transformer when you're using induction.

As for the danger, at the voltages and amps we're looking at, it actually IS dangerous if it wasn't for that said cables are very much NOT simple, containing sensors to limit voltage potential to what's needed to detect a connection. Something like 1V until it's done a handshake, then it can ramp up to 400V or more.

Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 1) 60

But with an automated bus/taxi fleet (or even a manned one), the vehicle that's running low on juice can be swapped out for a freshly charged one

Swapping means you need an extra bus, and they're expensive. You can do maintenance checks daily, not 'per charge'.

Rather than forklifting batteries, have a dedicated robot doing it that undoes the bolts and replaces the battery.

Comment Work on reading comprehension, will ya? (Score 1) 545

You are signing us all up for that bullshit with your hairbrained plan.

Note what I said: studies have shown. IE the real-world results of tests removing speed limit signs was fewer accidents. So you don't get to presume that 'outliers will cause more accidents'.

Matter of fact, you just pass some law about unsafe driving and let the cops worry about that, the outliers get busted even faster.

If anything I expressed was 'self driving cars render it all moot'. IE we don't have the accidents because people aren't driving(outside of race tracks and such).

Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 2) 60

Except for the credit card reader, unless everything is going to be free in La-La Land.

Well, outside of La-La land they can just use wireless billing or subscription services, you know?

Anyway, people (and entrepreneurs) will still want the adjacent shop to buy their booze and fags when they top up, so a few charging pillars wont make much difference.

Note how I said buses and taxis. Not vehicles that can be EVs spend that much time in parking lots. Also, on road charging.

Though as batteries keep getting cheaper such ideas become financially less feasible compared to just adding more batteries.

although as I said even a hard connection could be automated.

As I mentioned as well, remember Tesla's automated charger?

Comment Strange (Score 1) 60

Yes, there's a few ways to do wireless charging. Given that in this context we're talking about inductive charging and that's what I was talking about(even though I didn't specify it) I'm not sure why you're bringing up the other ways.

When you're making a charge array as large as that for a wireless car, it's actually quite efficient over the relatively few inches from the charger to the car's receiver. So the losses aren't 'huge'.

Now, you're actually right about the additional batteries - when I last read about these ideas, EV batteries were running about double the expense per kWh, so minimizing them was a consideration.

As for gas and diesel powered buses - there's several problems with them: First, diesel has gotten a lot more expensive over the years, though it's currently in a valley. Electric could be cheaper(if not for battery expense). The second is pollution - the more combustion we can get out of the cities, the better. Third is maintenance - said buses are used enough to get quite expensive, EVs can actually be more durable.

Of course public transport is the best if it is cost effective and convenient and unfortunately I have yet to see or hear of a city where this is the case.


Comment No speed limits as well... (Score 2) 545

It wouldn't surprise me. There have been studies showing that removing speed limit signs actually improve safety as well, because people tend to drive at a safe speed. When weather is bad, people tend to still try to drive the speed limit. When weather is good, it actually increases the variation in speeds. And it's less speed that kills, it's variations in speed.

That being said, I don't know if the effects would stack - it might be better to have no speed limit AND the white line, or no white line with a speed limit, but having neither or both is less safe. Or it might be situational.

I just hope that self driving cars renders it all moot, though the mental processing involved is interesting.

Comment Re:like an electric toothbrush? (Score 4, Interesting) 60

Though it still does not explain why induction might be better than using a conventional dock, especially for an automated car.

Okay, have you seen tesla's automated charge connector? It's like something out of a bad horror movie.

Still, a list in no particular order:
More resistant against vandals
doesn't take up real estate with a charging station
No need for a person to hook up the charger(or a horror movie snake-thing)
faster connection
no need to play with adapters
no cables to trip over
ability to embed charger at stop lights, bus stops(for electric buses), taxi stops(for taxis), and such for a 'quick top-off'. Might not matter for a Tesla type car, but for a electric bus? Might be the difference between getting through en entire day and having to swap out the batteries for a bus or taxi.

Comment Re:Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 2) 344

Interesting idea. I wonder, at least for a relatively short hop, how the energy costs factor between the stages of a flight. I mean, taxing over to the runway or back to the terminal is probably not very much. You could actually be recovering energy during a landing.

So how much fuel is used during takeoff vs gaining cruise altitude?

How much energy could you save if you, say, had a plane with electric engines and you launched it using a catapult/cable/power line that provided all energy needed for the engines until it hits 1k or so feet in altitude?

That's before you get into crazy thoughts like ground-based wireless energy transmission by laser or microwave.

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