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Comment: Re:Discrete *wink* *wink* sound card? (Score 5, Funny) 520 520

I wonder how complex your algorithms would have to be to determine if the sounds produced are of gunshots or female moans.

They should give the Turing award to anyone that can produce an algorithm that can tell the difference between porn and women's tennis.

Comment: Re:A nice idea in theory, but... (Score 1) 453 453

My thoughts exactly. How many times have you had to fiddle with the contacts of a battery compartment to get something working? This is going to be prone to the same sort of issues, only instead of the failure mode being simply loss of contact, you can end up with cases where the wrong terminal connects, causing a short -- and potentially a fire.

Comment: Re:Bigger scam for 1-eyed viewers (Score 1) 532 532

I've got two eyes, but one is sufficiently weak that my brain never learned stereoscopic vision. 3D movies for me amount to having to wear uncomfortable dorky glasses.

Oh, and also watching an image that is half as bright as a normal movie. Was that normal, or the result of my seeing the movie in a lousy theater? Is this just an acknowledged drawback to the technology, or are they supposed to be projecting at double the brightness to compensate?

Comment: Re:Celsius: It's for telling temperature (Score 1) 1233 1233

-34C is the same mark... Without significant special gear, and complete body coverage of every sqin of skin, you simply can't safely go outside in these temperatures.

Pfft. You need a touque, scarf and snowpants. Then it's time to go play.

I'd put the -10C into the biting cold category, and -20 is simply too cold to go outside.

Ha! My childhood would like a word with you. -20 was when I'd RUN outside, because it had been -40 for the last week. -10 meant spring was on its way.

I've never been canoeing before, but I imagine there must be just a few simple heuristics you have to remember... Yes, don't fall out, and don't hit rocks.