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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 262

Ahh you are one of those, if it is technically legal then it's ok idiots.

This is the problem with laws, it has to be exact. people find loopholes.

They follow the law but don;t follow the indented spirit of the law.

I'm sure if you found a loophole that made murder legal you would be out there killing as many people as possible becuase it was legal. ONCE MORE. IDIOT.

Comment Re:Two versions people actively avoided (Score 1) 246

Vista post SP1 was pretty much fine and much like win 7. The only reason 7 was released was to combat the tarnished name of vista.

I actually bought vista. Why? Because XP 64 bit was abandoned, and 64 bit os was needed because 4gb (often 2.5gb or even less) was not enough.

The scary thing it that there was a win 7 32 bit and beyond! People are idiots stop giving them a choice!

Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 148

> preload nothing but the OS

Which leads to the question what is the OS.

The point being many current andropid distributions make the os something other than default (and what is default anyway).

So people complain that they cant remove essential parts of an os on something they got. Maybe research it better, tools.

Comment Maybe I'm just odd. (Score 1) 292

I do not like multi player games much.

However. I love mmorpgs.

SWG was great. the best even. I could even have lived with the changes but the chanegs enrofec multi player. No more could you ger buffed and go out and play on your own.

For me the thing about mmorpgs is not the multiplayer its just the having real people around that is cool.

Yes I do like the occasional team up. But I hate for it to be fopreced.

Am mostyly playing swtor right now. However the foreced need mroe than 1 player parts are annoying. I wish i could turn them off so i do not see them.

I also think to much is put into multiplayerism bits.

But eh, such is.

Comment Re:Recruiting policy (Score 1) 589

> The thing is, Linux engineers would have no problem learning Windows stuff, while the opposite is more seldom

Totally not true. When you are talking about engineers.

The thing is a lot of windows people are not engineers they just know enough and do not want to know more. An engineer wants to know more. Unfortunately computing is not the only industry to be sullying to term engineer these days. (I look at boiler engineers that know nothing about boilers and just do what their big pop up boiler fixing book says, etc and so on).

Comment Re:A European perspective (Score 1) 892

> Plus, it is illegal to give a negative reference in UK.

This is simply not true.

Most companies do not go into the negative just to stay on the safe side, they just stick to the facts.

However "X worked here beetween Y and Z and was dismissed for gross misconduct" does not give any specifics and is often used.

I would however argue that it is still negative.

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