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Comment: Americans take their vote for Granted (Score 1) 1048

by Carlyle (#16759487) Attached to: Is An Uninformed Vote Better Than No Vote?
I'm a Canadian, and a problem I see with American voters is that a good portion of the population take their vote for granted. Americans in general live a good life, and therefore they don't have as much a stake in keeping informed about the choices their vote provides them. It bugs me when I see that people can't be bothered to vote for one reason or another, simply out of apathy. It's simply too much effort for them.

I've watched as you Americans have had one civil liberty after another stripped away from you, and can't believe you've put up with it. Your politicians work less than a 100 days in the year, the rest of the time they spend raising election funds. The funds they collect are from big business, and those big businesses write the laws passed in your government. You let your government get away with passing nasty legislation that is packaged with legislation for paying your troops or what have you.

You either vote Republican, vote Democrat, or don't vote at all. If someone votes for someone who is not a democrat or republican they are smeared as wasting their votes. It's a comfortable position for big business, since they only need to make payoffs to candidates in two parties.

I wish more Americans would put some thought into their vote, instead of taking their democracy for granted.

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