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Comment: Klipper is broken now (Score 1) 445

by Carl T (#15540359) Attached to: Linux Annoyances For Geeks
On this system, running the KDE version that comes with SuSE 10.0 (3.4.2 judging by the versions of the rpms), Klipper works fine. If I mark some editable text, or just anything in e.g. Mozilla, I have to press ctrl-c for it to end up in the clipboard. This is nice because it should be possible to mark something and then paste over it with something else. And if I mark some text in a terminal window, it is immediately stored in the clipboard, and that makes sense too.
But at home, where I've installed SuSE 10.1, and with it a somewhat newer version of KDE, there seems to be no way to get this behavior. Whenever I select text anywhere, it immediately kills whatever was in the clipboard. And since the contents of an input field often are selected when the field gets focus, it's suddely quite difficult to e.g. paste in a new URL in the URL bar...
I could of course turn off the synchronization between selection and clipboard, but then I could no longer copy with the mouse and paste with the keyboard in a terminal window, and that's something I rely on a whole lot.

So no, copy and paste is still a big problem.

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