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Comment one checkbox (Score 1) 698

Maybe its not what you pass but what you don't pass to her:
Clear browser history on exit

Seriously though, you can't parent when you are dead, and you are dead soon. Don't worry about what she will be doing with her life. Don't focus on later events. She won't care about you on her 50th birthday. You will be a short story and several photos to her husband. She will get wisdom from the living, I assume most from your wife. Tell her stories and show examples of how things were in your life, and do it NOW, so 8 years from your last day on earth she will be happy that something about you can still be remembered, without the need of computers or whatever tech we will be using...and after that, use your spiffy technology to record a few skydiving trips of you and her, or the entire family doing whatever. She won't care what, as long as it was exciting and fun and with dad in the picture.

Comment sounds like a pinky and the brain episode (Score 1) 47

.. No Pinky. We enter the contest, and design our pirate airship to control all other contestant's airships. After successfully maneuvering all of them into the path of the sun, thereby blocking out all sunlight, we hold the world hostage until the everyone recognizes me as their unquestioned leader! Yes!

Submission + - Court Order: Butterfly Labs Bitcoins to be sold. (

MrBingoBoingo writes: In a new development in the Case against Butterfly Labs, the Court overseeing the case has ordered bitcoins held by Butterfly Labs to be turned over to the Court appointed temporary receiver. The order also gives the receiver authorization to convert the bitcoins "to cash on a systematic and reasoned basis." The justification for this measure is at least to ostensibly create reserves with which refunds for Butterfly Labs customers may be paid from.

Comment First, "Glory Days" definition needed. (Score 1) 236

Welcome to the future! If you mean what I think you mean, then I agree. The "glory days" are gone. There are less analog designs being done, and they are replaced with more complex digital systems. Some of these are better, but none are as elegant as pure analog. I also think the "glory days" of the WWW are also gone. There are simply less (none) HTML only sites being created, and they are getting replaced with..well everything they can cram into your face. Welcome to the future!

Comment sounds like an ad for the future fast lane (Score 5, Funny) 129

Xfinity video in your face 4650% faster! Xfinity introduces the RLNC fast lane data transmission! Its like an over caffeinated jaguar solving linear matrices while orbiting the earth in the space shuttle and doing coke. RAAAWRR! Don't like the jaguar? Tough floating jaguar shit, you don't have a choice! We own teh tubes! ©omcastic!

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