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Comment: "Proprietary vendor sets up to screw customers" (Score 1) 240

by CaptainOfSpray (#48039229) Attached to: Back To Faxes: Doctors Can't Exchange Digital Medical Records
is this news? No. Surprising? No. How come it was so easy for them to set up? That's the interesting question. Who outside the company itself profited from the health industry's failure to create a single mandated standard? Poliician somewhere blocking the iniatives? What a surprise.

Comment: Your sales people are cr*p... (Score 2) 159

by CaptainOfSpray (#48015571) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?
..if they cannot sell in an atmosphere in which you are a trusted, open, and reliable partner. That is the most powerful position from which to sell.

Your problem here is lazy salesmen who don't want to be bothered dealing with the phoney issues the competition bring up - they just want an easy sell, or they are undertrained and scared salesmen who are afraid they don't know how to counter the phoney arguments....EVERY such issue is a selling point on trust that differentiates your company and your product from the competition. Your company is straight - the competition aren't, because they keep the truth hidden.

Can the sales people really prove that the openness is the reason why they can't win the sales? I doubt it very much - salesmen don't do numbers, don't do proof, it's all hearsay and presenting single anecdotes as universal truth.

And I say this because I was trained by the best, worked with the best, and sold software successfully when everything we sold was 15-20% more expensive that the competition - and we succeeded because we were trusted.

Your Plan B, if you can't get the bosses to back you: close Bugzilla to the public, open it to third-party and developers and (KEY IDEA) to the relevant IT staff at customers. You sales people MUST MUST MUST use the customer IT staff as recommenders - if they aren't, they are NOT doing their job properly.

Comment: Looking at the past... (Score 4, Insightful) 145

by CaptainOfSpray (#47661319) Attached to: The Quiet Before the Next IT Revolution a dinosaur in the last days before the meteor. The future is over there in the Makerspaces, where 3D printing, embedded stuff, robotics, CNC machines, homebrew PCBs at dirt-cheap prices are happening. It's all growing like weeds, crosses the boundaries between all disciplines includg art, and is an essential precursor to the next Industrial Revolution, in which you and your giant installations will be completely bypassed.

You, sir, are a buggy-whip manufacturer (as well as a dinosaur).

Comment: Re:Classic Spook Stuff... (Score 1) 132

F**k 'em both, and the equivalents in Canada, Oz, and NZ, and the lazy, corrupt and incompetent oversight committees. Oh and by the way, did you notice the Germans have been at it too, though not on the same scale.

I am now Officially In a Bad Mood, at which point I am quite likely to send a sizable donation to the people who make Tails, and I encourage y'all to do the same.

Comment: Classic Spook Stuff... (Score 0) 132

Tails is clearly a big problem for the NSA. They can't crack it, so they spread disinformation and FUD instead, to put people off using it.

These people "Exodus Inteligence", who are they, where do they come from, what is their agenda, and how much are the Five-Eyes paying to discredit Tails.

Obligatory NSA food: Kalashnikov, Handbook of Urban Guerilla, bomb factory, Edward Snowden was right, GCHQ is staffed by lackeys and lickspittles.

Comment: Re:Just make it simple (Score 2) 131

by CaptainOfSpray (#47377049) Attached to: Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks
I agree. I was a contractor at BT. The internal Usenet was the absolute world's best way to find how to keep your home broadband working when the router BT supplied was trying to sabotage your connection, bandwidth, wifi etc etc. Or when Openreach cocked up supplying your broadband connection in the first place.

Comment: Waste of time (Score 4, Informative) 131

by CaptainOfSpray (#47376989) Attached to: Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks
...(1) the only contributors are employees with time on their hands, who tend to be the drones. Those employees who actually know someting useful to you are too busy to waste time with crap like this
(2) the only employees who will tell you anything at all are ones you have actually met face to face - otherwise you are not a real person, and they don't trust you, no matter what you say.

Been there, done this with a multinational corp.

Comment: Something like this already exists... (Score 3, Interesting) 184

In UK. If you have your broadband from BT, you can use wifi from any router that is advertising FON service. You need to logon with your BT account credentials, but it's otherwise free to use. If you are out and about, and you need wifi, just drive into a residential area. There will one or more FON routers on almost any street.

Comment: News Release (Score 0) 346

by CaptainOfSpray (#47194411) Attached to: Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?
"Karpichko Information Services are proud to announce that we have won a high-profile contract worth a six-figure sum from a US client. The client, a low-profile multinational data-gathering business, wishes to discredit certain information sources and shift the blame for their own loss of control of the situation. Our operative, ex-KGB Major Boris Karpichko, enjoys a well-earned international reputation in the disinformation field, and has recently graduated summa cum laude from the IBM Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt School."

Comment: Since when... (Score 4, Insightful) 226

by CaptainOfSpray (#47097901) Attached to: Domain Name Suspended
...does City of London police have any jurisdiction outside City of London? Registrar should not have caved in.

I should like to point out that I, a registered voter and taxpayer, have never been asked whether I want my taxes spent on something so monumentally stupid as a Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. And I suspect that its creation was an idea planted, bought, and paid for by You-Know-Who.

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