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Comment Re:Buggy software is buggy (Score 2) 233's not.
Because you have different approaches to it. If the community could agree on how to address the (growing) difference in time as measured by Earthborn measures with solar/Earth/rotation measures, then it would be. But, there are legitimate and valid disagreements with how time should be kept.

Comment Re:How about a law preventing SSN use for credit/I (Score 1) 125

This is a great idea. Once there is a working system in place to replace the current one. Until that is true, this proposal would prevent many companies from doing business and many customers from obtaining necessary services. It's a fine idea in principle; it's just those nasty details and implementation that are complicated and make this unrealistic.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 2, Insightful) 549

There's a subtle difference here.
It is absolutely better to use One Time Passwords (like most 2-factor auth solutions these days with a random number either generated by an app or token or something or supplied to you via an out-of-band channel like an SMS message).
It is not better to choose One Time Passwords, as the user experience hit is horrible and can you imagine the horrible passwords one would come up with if they needed to come up with a new one on every login action?.

Basically, users are bad at choosing/creating passwords. And passwords get compromised. So, the best solution (that we currently have, anyway) is to have the user pick one really good (hard to guess) password and then to also use a One Time Password (2FA).

Comment Re:Suspension of Disbelief (Score 2) 193

One can be "on" - or thinking critically and deeply - only so often. There is valid and merit in entertainment that causes one to not think/ponder/actively-consider for a period of time. Just because something does not require you to think about it and is incredibly stupid does not mean there isn't value in it, even if it does cause you to have to stop thinking things through logically for a period of time. Genius TV sticks with you. You *need* to think about it. You need to figure things out. Your brain can only do so much of this. If you're spending those cycles doing this, you are not using them for more noble purposes, such as thinking about things that actually matter. And that's a poor tradeoff.

Comment Re:Bill is doing the right things (Score 1) 247

Imagine being starving and having no ability to do anything for yourself. You need the fish to get yourself at a basic level before someone teaches you to fish. You need to know the value of the fish and know that understanding how you can acquire your own fish is beneficial and will improve your life quality. You need to understand the value of water condensers, farming techniques, etc, first. Then you learn them. You need both levels.

Comment Re:And when they get bitten in the ass? (Score 1) 94

One of the key concepts taught in *any* decent MBA program is risk management. For a software development company, having more than one person available to make emergency fixes to code is much cheaper than the cost in not being able to deploy a fix in a reasonable amount of time, so any decent MBA graduate will make sure that there is always a backup person available for his purpose.

"Ask not what A Group of Employees can do for you. But ask what can All Employees do for A Group of Employees." -- Mike Dennison