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Comment: Re:Phones yeah (Score 2) 227

by Captain Hook (#46684545) Attached to: Nanodot-Based Smartphone Battery Recharges In 30 Seconds

Long charging times for electric vehicles stop any journey where the trip is greater than the battery range. Who wants to have to stop for hours to get a full battery when you are trying to get somewhere.

Liquid fuels can refuel most vehicles in 10 minutes, and half of that time is queuing and paying. Electric vehicles will have match that capability at some point or they are going to be forever stuck in the niche of toys and glorified shopping carts.

Comment: Re:solution (Score 1) 303

by Captain Hook (#46648569) Attached to: Ad Tracking: Is Anything Being Done?

So this is not a solution against ads per se, but at least it will keep advertisers from snooping browsing behavior.


the website host ( will host the ad injection software themselves but the ad injection software will phone home to with all the information that cuteandfluffy have collected

- or -

The cuteandfluffy will provide a URL inside the domain which forwards requests to a script hosted by

In both cases, the ad resource appears to be from the domain you are visiting and in both cases, the ad network is still gaining access to everything that cuteandfluffy knows about the brower.

The only difference is that there is now some work for the ad network to tie the unique ids from and as being the same user, but most people use the same email address as login details so that doesn't seem like a huge problem for them.

Comment: Re:pierce the corporate veil (Score 2) 134

A sociopath would not damage their own company to the point of having to declare bankruptcy.

You are making an assumption that a sociopath while willing to steal from clients, would not choose to go so far as to damage the company as a whole. That assumption in turn depends on 2 other assumptions

  1. He feels that there is future value to the company to be worth preserving
  2. He has enough knowledge and skill to avoid the accidentally damaging the company

If Assumption 1 wasn't true he might decide to cut his loses, create some story about hackers stealing stuff and close the company while keeping the stuff he already has.

If assumption 2 was't true, he might damage the company past the point where the theft could be hidden. Sociopath only states that an individual feels no social or moral responsibility for his acts, it says nothing about their technical ability in any given field.

Comment: Re:This is a glitch in the Matrix...... (Score 2) 142

Did they look similar to thousands of other warnings about others that never panned out into anything? If so, then it was just noise.

With the benefit of 20-20 hindsight that warning was proved to be accurate. That means it wasn't noise, it was actually a signal lost in the noise.

Comment: Re:Privacy Issues (Score 0) 273

by Captain Hook (#46108249) Attached to: UK Government May Switch from MS Office to Open Source

"Real People" are not the ones who decide if MS is used in gov't offices or not.

"Real People" who spent their formative years at the coal face of IT 10-15 years ago are now in a positions of increasing influence if not outright power. They have spent their careers watching how MS manipulates the Windows ecosystem for MS's benefit at the expense of MS's customers.

Comment: Re:Millions of years of storage, not collection (Score 1) 368

by Captain Hook (#45885707) Attached to: Australian Team Working On Engines Without Piston Rings

The energy was collected over the very short time span of a plant in a swamp.

No, the energy was collected over the time span of however long the ecosystem survived... and over a geographical area of however big the ecosystem was.

Fossil Fuel represents energy collected over vast areas and timescales. Then compressed and transformed over a period of millions of year.

Not only are we burning it quicker than the feedstock could be transformed into a fossil fuel, we are burning it quicker than we could grow the feedstock given the growing area we can provide.

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