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Comment: Re:How much is his investment in the company makin (Score 1) 463

by CaptSlaq (#49486003) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries

I've read it many times. Still don't see it.

A 20% pay cut is severe, but only over the minimum wage difference. Someone pulling 5 mil is still unable to spend it quicker than it comes in. It just isn't piling on as quickly as it was at 6mil.

I can EASILY see someone spending 6M a year on stuff. The collector car market is particularly expensive as this one (admittedly extreme) example indicates.

Comment: Re: Saudi Arabia, etc. (Score 3, Insightful) 653

by CaptSlaq (#49413657) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights

> All of a sudden, that piece of paper is so important because homosexuals are the ones with traditional views of marriage.

The marriage contract opens the doors to wide range of economic benefits. Denying those benefits is ultimately what's wrong.

Then perhaps the right path to that is to get the benefits divorced from what many believe to be a religious institution.

Comment: Re:Still My Favorite (Score 1) 300

by CaptSlaq (#49198059) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

Let's hope you don't find yourself forced to use an ultra-slow Internet connection: they removed the Load images by default checkbox a while ago now.

You have to screw around in about:config to get the same effect.

The thinking behind this: some nonsense about options being confusing.

Some would suggest that turning off images is a power user thing anyway... but I understand your point.

Comment: Re:A real test: Orlando, FL (Score 1) 112

by CaptSlaq (#49197855) Attached to: Self-Driving Cars Will Be In 30 US Cities By the End of Next Year

If they want a real test, try Orlando, Florida. I found it the most trying city to drive in of any I've ever lived in, thanks to the joyous combination of people visiting from Ohio that expect a mile clear ahead of them and people from New York who think 6 inches is enough of a gap for someone to cut them off.

Baby steps.

Comment: Re:Windows 8 is terrible (Score 1) 22

by CaptSlaq (#48865193) Attached to: First Look At Dell Venue 8 7000 and Intel's Moorefield Atom Performance

But it comes with "the latest Android 4.4 KitKat® operating system" even from the shop, so quite likely the OS will not be upgraded ever after. Why would anyone buy a $400 device, which is obsolete even at time of purchase and has a built in insecurity? What kind of uninstallable crapware does it have?

Lollipop by some reports is still somewhat broken, despite being in release.

Comment: Re:Luggable? (Score 1) 325

by CaptSlaq (#48766791) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: High-Performance Laptop That Doesn't Overheat?

I have same problem. What is a good luggable pc? I was looking at Brix or NUCs, but from the reviews it looks like they have the same problem as laptops. Unlike the OP, I am not worried abouth throttling; I just want it to stay on and not freeze.

Sterling has been selling them for years. I had an old Pentium version that just wouldn't die that I wound up giving away.

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