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Comment: Multiple CDN contracts? (Score 1) 140

by CaptSlaq (#48272917) Attached to: First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix
I assume there's a reason why Netflix hasn't perused the idea of load balancing across CDNs? Yes, it'd be a pain in the ass, but I know both Akamai and Limelight will read from your source to deliver bits to an end user.

It'd be a hell of a lot better than buckling to ISPs. At least you're in control of your costs at that point.

Comment: Re:Ive done this (Score 1) 271

by CaptSlaq (#48262121) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

I don't know where home is for you, but when considering the general state of most of the world it would seem that even though you clearly are better off now, and most likely you bring experience and funds back to your home country, an issue does remain.

There exists a real sense of morality, an instinct for solidarity, and foremost a sense of equality among people who are naturally different from each other. Large parts of Western society are wealthy enough to dabble in such philanthropy, and that is probably a good thing. However, philanthropist of any economic background become conflicted when we observe that our unfair treatement is better than what you are accustomed to anyway. It highlights the inequality which is delieated by national borders.

Perhaps the hope that remains is that even though you came for the money, some of the good parts of the culture rubbed off on you. Finding the good parts of Western culture is a tall order in the corporate world though.

What, pray tell, do you consider the "good parts" of Western culture? Since it appears that is the shorter list than the "bad parts".

Comment: Re:The bigger Problem is their "updates" (Score 1) 577

by CaptSlaq (#48045769) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

It's called the system registry, that buggy plague ridden POS idea that has contaminated windows for decades, remains a continuous problem. Originally done so M$ could pry into what software people are running in one location and prevent undesired software from M$'s point of view from running, an idea that had to be abandoned for obvious reasons but that POS registry crap was still left behind. A brand new clean install more than anything else tidies up the registry and that speeds up boots, shut downs and application launches. The system registry is shite, get rid of it, finally for fukity fuck fucking sake.

Good luck with that. Registry keys are pretty much a staple of most software that's written for Win32. The idea actually isn't that bad: It's a place to stuff data about and settings for software in a standardized way. Thing is that my understanding of it is that the entire thing resides in RAM, so the fatter it is, the less that's available to the system. Someone with more/better information on this would be interesting to hear from.

Comment: Re:Before you even start (Score 2) 261

by CaptSlaq (#48037573) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

People who prefer inexpensive but fast vehicles get a lot of tickets. I have no idea what kind of demographic this might be (young males).

Have you priced a WRX lately? Not exactly cheap, even used.

I wouldn't buy a WRX used anyway unless I knew the owner personally. Cars like the WRX get ridden hard and put away wet FAR more often than something more sedate.

Comment: Re:Study is quite incomplete (Score 1) 261

by CaptSlaq (#48037475) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

The real question if why is the FR-S ranked 3rd high but the BRZ ranked 125?

The FR-S outsells the BRZ 3:1 in the states... if for no other reason than "less opportunity", I could see this as being a contributing factor. Seems like there's some deal between Subaru and Toyota on the production of these too, but I can't find anything solid on it.

Comment: Re:The alternative is not a crapware-free phone (Score 3, Informative) 427

The alternative is a phone filled with either the OEM's additions, or the carrier's crappy branded apps.

The cleanest phone you can buy is probably the Nexus 5.

Those of us who want more control will be smart buyers and purchase hardware that is easy to load with custom ROMs, then we can decide exactly how much of gapps we want.

The 2013 MotoX is probably the closest second. I haven't had a look at the 2014 MotoX, but I certainly hope they carried on the tradition.

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