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Comment: Re:Pragmatic, makes sense. (Score 1) 361

by CaptSlaq (#47001971) Attached to: How Firefox Will Handle DRM In HTML

So it's a method to run untrusted, potentially hostile code in a jail to minimize the harm it can do to the user and the host system. (In an open source setting you must assume all closed code is hostile)

Can they do this to other plugins too? Like flash?

All plugins that Firefox uses run in a separate container already. I do not know what the cost of jailing said container would be.

Comment: Re:questionable axiom (Score 1) 465

by CaptSlaq (#46901129) Attached to: Lessig Launches a Super PAC To End All Super PACs

Where is money actually the problem in the system? The problem, as I see it, is that the governed no longer CARE enough to do anything unless stirred to a frenzy. When you have a turnout of just over half of the eligible voters, a nearly even split between the two major parties, a system that doesn't allow for a viable third party candidate, and a plethora of people who just vote party lines (including the representatives sent to DC) instead of doing research, I can very easily see how we wound up with what we have.

The money isn't the biggest problem. It's a symptom: The voters don't care enough to keep tabs on their elected representatives to make it excessively painful when they take cash from $INFLUENCE_OF_THE_WEEK. Education, information dissemination, and a general lack of belief that "voting matters" is the problem, from where I sit. How we fix these things is where the focus should be. Make the people care about who they send to DC, their state capitol, and their county seat, and what those people are doing, saying, and voting.

How this happens, I have not sorted out. I hope someone smarter than me can get it solved, before some elected official gets killed and then they get completely isolated from the governed in "the interest of national security". Some say this has already happened.

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