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Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 225

You are getting confused over who is claiming certainty in this discussion. No-one is claiming that it is proven that something is being hidden, but someone (bobbied, initially) is claiming (or at least apparently trying to imply; he hasn't yet chosen to clarify his comment) that it is out of the question that something is being hidden.

Comment Re:Approach security the wrong way? No shit! (Score 1) 157

To follow on from my earlier reply, but with regard to your last sentence specifically: "If they can layer on system security without compromising occupant safety, they will, but not at the expense of crash survivability."

That's a non-sequitur in this case. The correct viewpoint should have been "if they can connect to outside networks without compromising occupant safety, they will, but not at the expense of anyone's safety."

Once you have chosen to make such connections possible, layering on security is not optional. If they say they can't do that without impairing crash survivability then don't create the security risk in the first place.

Comment Re:Approach security the wrong way? No shit! (Score 1) 157

Your exposition is informative, but it doesn't reach the point of explaining why the access necessary for this sort of remote exploit is necessary for the proper operation of the car. You cannot make a case for that from generalized "it's complicated" arguments.

Comment Re:Against Vaccines or About Against Vaccines? (Score 2) 273

It is highly ironic that you should link to Tennant's article, given that you are attempting to claim that there is a fallacy behind the author's words. A much more effective (and perhaps only) way for you to refute them (and which would also conform to Tennant's ideas of a correct response) would be to present some examples of "alternative approaches to medicine" that do work (and while you are about it, explain in what way they are "alternative" - a choice between chemo and radiation, for example, is not the sort of alternative being discussed here.)

Comment Re:good idea (Score 1) 363

That's a supremely good idea. Left turns from/to two-way streets are difficult and disruptive in New York City.

Except... don't pedestrians fall under threat from right turns, too?

Assuming the analysis has been done correctly, the statistics show that left turns are significantly more dangerous. My completely un-researched (other than by walking and driving in cities) guesses as to why is that drivers attempting to dart through oncoming traffic are not paying any attention to anything else, and are partially hidden from pedestrians by that traffic (and vice-versa). They also have more time to accelerate before impact, and possibly are more motivated (by oncoming traffic) to accelerate hard.

If these guesses are right, then left turns from one one-way street to another are less dangerous than those involving two-way streets, other things being equal.

Comment Memory Leaks? (Score 1) 345

If you don't understand memory management then you are not yet a C++ programmer, let alone an intermediate one.

In my experience of interviewing, I have spoken to many alleged C++ programmers who can give a textbook definition for the terms 'copy constructor' and 'assignment operator', but who have no idea of their purpose, and their role in resource management. Unfortunately, I do not need to imagine the sort of code they write, because I have seen it.

Comment Re:You, Sir, are a fool (Score 1) 1067

You will have many horrible consequences.

You have no idea what your code will produce.

You will never know that your code actually works.

As you spend a VAST amount of time debugging weird stuff, you will eventually realize it would be better if the program crashed when the error happened.

This person is claiming twenty years of programming experience, and if so, then all but the last of these things have already come to pass.

Sadly, it is not hard to believe that this person not only has 20 years experience, but in a professional capacity, and ditto for everyone who is supporting this idea. This is why there is so much bad software around: too much of it is written by people who do not really understand either what their own code is doing or what they are trying to do with their code.

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