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Comment Re:ObXKCD (Score 1) 90

Reductionism has its limits - for example. while I have no doubt that the history of life on earth can in principle be described purely as a sequence of physical processes, a theory of evolution works at an appropriate level of abstraction and provides much more insight.

Comment Re:Guarantee (Score 1) 214

The fact that bugs are found and fixed in open-source code does not allow you to conclude that open-sourcing will improve bug discovery to any significant extent. That is the issue where wishful thinking is being substituted for evidence.

Comment Re:"Open == Secure"? (Score 1) 214

This is not addressed to you specifically, but to everyone who supports the proposition that open-sourcing is an important step in achieving security:

1) Did you make any use of OpenSSL before Heartbleed was made public? (if not, are you sure?)

2) If so, did you discover this vulnerability during your inspection of the code?

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