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Comment: Re:You are clueless if you claim such a thing (Score 1) 1131 1131

You really think that Al Queda is motivated by religion more than politics? You might want to look at Middle Eastern history since the formation of the Ottoman Empire and focus on the role of Islam over that period (up until today). AFAIK, I've never even heard that Al Queda wants to impose a caliphate world order, and if they've ever said that I have a hard time believing they are actually working towards that.

Comment: Re:For being the opposite of Bush (Score 1) 1721 1721

>And instead of just saying "congratulations" and moving on, they have to keep gripping about how undeserved it is. Trying to tear down the award because it makes them look bad.

You're joking, right? People are still just waking up to this news, it literally just happened, and this is the first wave of reactions.

Try again in a few months.

Comment: Re:For being the opposite of Bush (Score 1) 1721 1721

He didn't say 'majority of Muslim believers', he said 'Muslim religious authorities'. They aren't the same thing. It's more like Popes and Bishops than Protestantism, where every congregation is unique, even if Islam isn't very structured (like Catholicism is) at the moment.

Journal: Why High School didn't Prepare me for University Math

Before college math teaches a specific number of problems and how to solve them, the mathematical tools (the theorems, definitions, etc) are incidental to the lesson and don't get much class time devoted to just understanding how they work. Most theorems are broken down to one equation that is memorized for tests. College math, on the other hand, teaches a set of tools and how and when to use them. Logically this makes sense. High schools are designed to produce factory workers that solve th

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.