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Comment Re:Criminal investigations should be allowed (Score 2, Informative) 245

It seems to me that you all think that the Indian police are incompetent and evil. The way it's *supposed* to be is: Police = good guys. So helping police = good move. But we've all become cynical (probably with reason), and now helping police/governments = evil move. The real question is whether Google says in "Terms and Conditions" whether they are allowed to do it, and if they are, well, you "signed" it. This whole thing depends on what Google are willing to give, and what the Indian police are doing with the information. So from Google's point of view they are giving information (what their main aim is), what's being done with it is the Indian government's responsibility. Same as when you use Google to search for how to make a bomb... You're the evil one not them. As a side note... it says no-where that Google are getting paid for this, and I have no reason to believe they are.

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