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Comment Rights Groups? (Score 1) 29

See, that's how much the media have been bombarding me with their veiled pro-copyright propaganda. When reading "rights groups" I have to immediately think about groups allied with entities like RIAA, MPAA, etc. That's why it looked so weird... rights groups being pro-consumer? Getting past the headline clarified things, but still. That "rights groups" in my mind automatically means "pro-copyright" is terrifying.

Comment Copyright term (Score 1) 150

Change the copyright term retroactively to 10 years with two possible 10-year extensions (the first one quite reasonably priced, the second quite expensive to prevent frivolous extensions) and this won't be a problem. Remember, since people holding copyrighted works saw their investments diminished in value because of retroactive copyright extensions, in many cases delaying public domain status until after their own deaths, a retroactive copyright term reduction should also be without compensation.

Comment Re:Berne is life plus 50 (Score 1) 349

...and it has been 50 years since it was first signed, 5 days after Geronimo's surrender to General Miles at Skeleton Canyon, AZ. And it's still haunting us today, as the House of Copyright Cards is built upon that card. Time this pile came crashing down and get in line with the 21st century.

Comment Warez CDs (Score 1) 108

This is not so different from the Warez CDs that were available in pre-Internet ages (those were actual pressed CDs). People used to pass them around so you could copy off them what you liked, then pass them on/give them back, etc. Later on you saw them on burned CDRs as well, but with the rollout of broadband Internet these disappeared/became obsolete.

But even though it's in Cuba, Clinton (the male, not the female) somehow managed to come up with an exception to the blanket embargo.... for copyright purposes. Yes, in 1995, at which time of course the US government was already heavily indebted to the copyright industry like they are today.

Comment Re:The Problem is Special Relativistic Time Dilati (Score 1) 330

This would also assume that those "later generations" in fact still exist on Earth or any other body in the Solar system. That may not be the case, due to either a man-made (environmental, genetic, "singularity", war, religious "I kill you!" craziness) or natural disaster that wipes out humanity.

Comment Expiration (Score 4, Informative) 420

This is about copyrights actually expiring thus "unlocking" the material from the equivalent of the Disney Vault (_citation_) so to speak; oh, if I only had a dollar for every person on Earth that does not know copyrights have an expiration date...

That being said, in still Pre-TPP Canada, our expiration date is "only" half a century after the entire remaining lifespan of the author, so in this (and in many, many others) Mein Kampf has been in the public domain for two decades, and I don't see a large National Socialist Canadian Worker's Party.

Comment Re: cultural artifact how? (Score 1) 95

Good Day Sir.

I am a representative of the Cult of the O2, a/k/a Oxygenians and we have a good faith believe that you are in possession of some of our cultural artifacts, i.e. oxygen molecules, consisting of 2 oxygen atoms each, present in or near your lungs as well as your blood stream. We demand the immediate return of these cultural artifacts and demand you cease and desist obtaining any further specimens of O2 molecules.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation.

Comment Re:Still completely contradictory (Score 1) 263

The man obtained the photo's legally and with consent. The person changing their mind well after the fact is like a person claiming "I was raped for the full duration of our relationship because I no longer consent."

Isn't that more or less what they were pulling on Julian Assange? Somebody changed their mind "after" (i.e. when the other girlfriend became known to her) making it "rape" in Sweden?

Comment More Movie-UK Reality crossover (Score 1) 162

Remember the corporate police force out of Robocop? In the UK they have a corporate police force, being the City of London Corporation's private police force. And they kick in doors all over the country, together with other corporate representatives (and sometimes a token member of the local police force, to add legimitacy and not to step too much on their toes).

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