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Comment: Re:An interesting caveat (Score 5, Insightful) 216

Exactly. You see that more often that hints are being given about circumstances that would have lead to a different outcome. Even in copyright trolling cases. Just the phrase "(hint, hint!)" is missing. So for instance it wouldn't be "Denied because it is unclear if the subscriber is the perpetrator" it becomes instead "Denied because no secondary evidence was presented where -for instance being the only adult male in the household- it could be presumed that the subscriber is the only one likely to have been the perpetrator, which would be enough evidence to grant the subpoena". As I said, only the "(hint, hint)" is missing.

If the police orders you to "stop filming" even IF YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DO SO, you are still not following their orders. This ALSO applies to flight attendants. It doesn't matter ONE LITTLE BIT if the order was proper, you ARE guilty of not following it.

The CURRENT "proper way" of doing this is to follow their orders and then file a complaint at the station about the infringement on your rights. And yes, you won't have your videotaped evidence. And yes, police will likely retaliate. And no, the officer won't be immediately fired with cause. You lose.

Comment: 4K/8K and the demise of regular cable tv (Score 1) 475

by CanEHdian (#47011407) Attached to: Comcast Predicts Usage Cap Within 5 Years

The enormous investments needed for regular broadcasters to convert to HD (and yes even now it's a mess with 720p/1080i/1080p) I don't see them going to 4K and 8K anytime soon. Streaming on the Internet is relatively speaking cheap.

These guys see its coming. Just like as the Copyright MAFIAA saw it coming in the 1990s (leading to WIPO & WTO-TRIPs). They see it coming and they want in on where the money is. Cable is going down, Internet streaming is going up.

Strangely enough, in some parts of Canada usage caps were the standard (because there was no other alternative than dial-up). With fibre being available from the Telcos as an alternative, there is now competition, and caps are gone, or can be bought off for unlimited for a reasonable amount like $10/mo, or are only applicable in certain configurations.

Comment: Top Secret/ULTRA/MJ12/ etc. (Score 0) 453

by CanEHdian (#46955345) Attached to: Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet
What do you think ye average Holy Being(s)-fearing, holding their bible/fill-in-your-religious-.txt high in the air, Earthling is going to think when it turns out the Holy Writer(s) of the aforementioned .txt not only "forgot to mention" a few things (which you can spindoctor away), but that the ETs have completely different views. I would be very surprised if any kind of contact happened, this would play out in the open. The "reasoning" given for the need for absolute secrecy around stories like Project Majestic, etc. remain valid. The closed-minded will either get more closed-minded (harmless) or will see their world shatter and all chaos will break out.

Comment: Star Wars (IV) Yavin Moon Countdown (Score 1) 457

by CanEHdian (#46935717) Attached to: Favorite Star Wars Movie?
What always irritates me is the countdown for the Death Star to get line-of-sight to the Yavin moon. For all intent and purposes it's a 20.xx second coundown (when you first see it, just count the numbers down at the same speed and keep counting). Later on you see the same countdown at 16.xx, going to 15.xx etc. And THIS is something that actually should have but never was fixed.

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