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Comment: Re:waste of time (Score 1) 380

by Calinous (#47331891) Attached to: New Chemical Process Could Make Ammonia a Practical Car Fuel

With one mention: the roundabout offers much better chances of going from the side road - even in that extreme case - than not having a roundabout (and no semaphores). I know, I've used to exit from a side road to a major road, and after the roundabout was set up, it was so much easier (you have to yield to only one direction of traffic, not to both)

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by Calinous (#47200809) Attached to: Study: Male Facial Development Evolved To Take Punches

Road work. Construction work. Farm work. Even being a garbage man (on trucks without motorized loading) takes a bit of strength and stamina. Working in a tire changing shop. Ambulance men, medical assistants (the ones that carry the patients on stretchers). Policemen (when they need to immobilize uncooperative persons). Loggers (wood cutting industry).

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by Calinous (#46957017) Attached to: BMW Unveils the Solar Charging Carport of the Future

Assuming a slanted roof (oriented to south), you'd get at most 3500W from the device. In an 8-hour day, with some 60% total efficiency, you'd get some 17 kWh. That would be enough for the i3 I think.
      This thing would be advantageous if it would keep the car in the shade during summer, and clear of snow in the winter. A garage would be better, though. And maybe setting the solar panels on the house is either too expensive, impossible, ...

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by Calinous (#46948411) Attached to: First Arrest In Japan For 3D-Printed Guns

If the "toy guns" are perfectly able to shoot one effective bullet (even while disintegrating themselves after that), then I'm not considering them toy guns. By the way, I think a 3D plastic gun was able to shoot 8 bullets before being too damaged to function (a 3D plastic rifle fired 14 rounds)
      And where would you draw the line between toy guns and "real" guns? 3D printed in plastic = toy. 3D printed in plastic with one metal part? With two metal parts? With multiple metal parts? Handmade on a lathe?

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by Calinous (#46939729) Attached to: NASA, France Skeptical of SpaceX Reusable Rocket Project

The Falcon 9 can launch with 8 out of 9 engines working. For this, I assume they pack some extra fuel. Maybe they won't be able to soft land with one engine broken and the extra fuel consumption, but if all goes well, there's some extra fuel that has no more uses right now, so they could burn it for a soft landing.

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