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Comment Re:Ok first... (Score 2) 162

I own a non-wi-fi electric kettle, which takes me a total of less than 10 seconds to walk to and flick the switch each morning to start the boil; 30 seconds if I must fill it from the tap. The internet-of-things seems to be a baseless bunch of nonsense for the purpose of proving something can be done, no matter if it should be done at all. Gosh, just think of those folks who have to literally go out to draw water from a well or river, while simultaneously scrounging wood sticks to build a fire to boil water.

Comment Re: Yay for price drop (Score 1) 130

abundant supply of product "should" cause price to drop according to economics, however, as we can see on a daily basis that seems to not be holding true in the fossil fuel (oil) world with the abundant supply of crude oil driving the per bbl price down to levels not seen in decades while the pump price for refined gasoline remains more than double the price which it was at when crude was previously selling at those low bbl price levels.

one would expect no difference in the lithium market, abundant supply just means the profit margin will expand dramatically and consumers will still not see the benefit from economies of scale.


Comment Re:This is why we like C (Score 1) 234

Mod +5 on the Ada observation; I too had friends in the early '90s who had worked on the Ada rewrite which was abandoned, so they ended up at our telecomm firm writing C on our projects, then C++ etc etc. Seems there has been a near continuous chain of ATCS rewrite initiatives since the '80s, none of which has replaced the core systems which very likely still have a good bit of FORTRAN (66 or 77) and COBOL inside.

Comment Re:I appreciate the name anyway. (Score 1) 62

OMG, you had the floppy drive... our high school only had the original PET 2001 with the cassette deck and chiclet keyboard. Did my first ever programming on that tough little keyboard, enduring all the fat finger typing since there was no space between the keys. Alas, I do remember it fondly.

Comment Re:Why would anybody do this? (Score 1) 229

Just surmising that as an AC poster, you're likely not in the 50-55 age group where you can't just 'hock a loogie on their desk and walk out' without giving up your pension and or 401 vesting, etc. and expect to go find another job. If you are a 50+ and are secure enough to spit in their face, then good for you. Have had too many associates in industry who've been faced with that dilemma, and middle age folks have a lot to lose, thus feet of clay vs young workers who know no fear.

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