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Comment: Re:Antitrust (Score 1) 163

by CTalkobt (#46239741) Attached to: Google Apps License Forbids Forking, Promotes Google Services
>> >>"Here's a box of screws. If you want to use my hammer, then you need to use my wood also."
>> If you're using a hammer for screws, you're doing it wrong.
This is Slashdot remember?

If I did make a logical argument people would still argue with me non-sensically. At least this way, I get to pick the argument focus for those individuals. :-)

Yeah.. that's what I was thinking of when I typed that...

Comment: Re:Antitrust (Score 4, Insightful) 163

by CTalkobt (#46239583) Attached to: Google Apps License Forbids Forking, Promotes Google Services
They're not tying it to the phone. They're tying it to the permission to utilize the Android trademark and to utilize the Google Apps. Think of it this way, "Here's a box of screws. If you want to use my hammer, then you need to use my wood also." "If you don't want to, go elsewhere." is fine and no lumber yard would run into anti-trust issues over it. (Might run out of customers however due to nature of the business).

Comment: Re:This looks like a failure waiting to happen (Score 1) 243

by CTalkobt (#38819333) Attached to: New EU Legal Privacy Framework: We're Not Kidding

The intent I fully and whole-heartily agree with... However, 2% of _world_wide_revenues_ is what concerns me. I'd rather see it phrased as 2% of world-wide revenue apportioned to user base / affected users (affected or not by breach).

Hence, the larger the breach, the larger the fine. I could easily see Company A arguing to US regulators : "We shouldn't have to pay for US users as the EU already fined us for everyone.".

Comment: Why spread the vile? (Score 5, Insightful) 699

by CTalkobt (#37626314) Attached to: Phelps Clan Tweets Intent To Picket Jobs Funeral Via iPhone
Why do people help these people spread their vile?

Posting stories on Slashdot / Putting it on CNN is only helping them get what they crave : Attention.

Some problems are best ignored - then they'll fade away out of frustration when they realize they're not getting the attention.

Blah blah - free press - I get it. I'm not asking for a law but common sense to take place.

People love dirty laundry - D. Henly.

Comment: Re:not going to find it (Score 1) 361

by CTalkobt (#37373134) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Buy Legal Game ROMs?

If you legitimately own a copy on some medium, medium-shifting to another one is legal, just like you can rip your own music CDs to mp3s.

Incorrect, at least under U.S. copyright law. RIAA v. Diamond, 98-56727 (9th Cir., June 15, 1999) (, the seminal case on the issue, found a fair use in "space shifting" music to MP3 players, but did so under the auspices of the Audio Home Recording Act (, which carves out specific exemptions applicable to sound recordings. No such provision(s) exist for video game ROMs, in any jurisdiction I'm aware of.

So... there's an exemption for Music but not for everything else so you read the negative into it? Generally, in case law as I understand it (not a laywer) - the absence of a case proving a poiint can't be inferred to prove a point.

Comment: Re:Mortgage Backed Securites (Score 1) 1040

by CTalkobt (#37022074) Attached to: S&P's $2 Trillion Math Mistake

My only comment to this is hindsight is 20/20. The problem with statements like this is that they very obviously weren't at the time. Not just from the rating agency's point of view but many economists were feeling the same way. There were a few economists who cautioned against them and had them correctly evaluated but they were far from the majority and even then most of their opinions were hedged with speculative language.

Oh come now - just because there is a bunch of stupid economists that couldn't apply prior historical behavior to the situation at hand that makes those economists ones that should be excused? The housing bubble showed all signs of being a bubble. Any time a commodity rises as quickly as houses were you're guaranteed you're in the middle of bubble.

History is always 20/20 in terms of analysis. However, history serves some great examples for understanding what is going on today. Those who forget history are doomed to *u*k it up over and over again.

Comment: Re:Surely (Score 1) 73

by CTalkobt (#36192034) Attached to: Saturn's Super Storm

we already ruled out the sun as a driver of climate change, so the only conclusions are that the people of Saturn have been producing too much greenhouses gases, and thus destroying their planet. ipso facto, there are Martians on Saturn.

Martians? I thought there were too many cows.

+ - 1st International Flight for Solar-powered Plane ->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Solar Impulse is on standby for its first international flight this week. Brussels has been chosen as the destination for the first venture outside Swiss borders, which follows the solar powered aircraft's maiden flight and first overnight flight last year and will mark another important step towards the goal of flying around the world in 2012."
Link to Original Source

+ - Fox, Paramount may skip YouTube due to lack of pir->

Submitted by mr100percent
mr100percent (57156) writes "Fox and Paramount have supposedly backed out of YouTube's imminent major movie service in an attempt to force action on piracy. Unofficial comments from the two claim that they won't get onboard as long as Google is indexing pirate video sites in its search engine and allowing them AdSense placement. Disney, not mentioned before, was also leaning the same direction, The Wrap said."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:How Amusing (Score 1) 195

by CTalkobt (#35797630) Attached to: Third Humble Bundle Arrives, 'Frozenbyte' Edition
So... my formulas were off but in the end there were more solutions than I had thought reasonable :

I've starred lines where I think the assumption mac
windows linux mac
10002 133 7593
10282 254 7192
10562 375 6791
10842 496 6390
11122 617 5989
11402 738 5588
11682 859 5187
11962 980 4786
12242 1101 4385
12522 1222 3984
12802 1343 3583
13082 1464 3182
13362 1585 2781
13642 1706 2380
13922 1827 1979
14202 1948 1578 **
14482 2069 1177 **
14762 2190 776 **
15042 2311 375 **

Comment: Re:How Amusing (Score 1) 195

by CTalkobt (#35797304) Attached to: Third Humble Bundle Arrives, 'Frozenbyte' Edition

Oh how I find this quite amusing. (Snapshot from when I was at the payment page)

  • Total payments: $92,658.36
  • Number of purchases: 17,728
  • Average purchase: $5.23
  • Average Windows: $4.13
  • Average Mac: $6.55
  • Average Linux: $12.15

Anybody care to run the figures and find out the % breakdown for each OS category?

( 4.13w + 6.55m + 12.15l ) / 17728 = 5.23

for some numbers w, m, l.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue