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Comment Why was this problem allowed to happen? (Score 1) 151

What I don't get is why is the original OS/settings not stored in some read only memory where say the OS gets a virus the user would then be given an option to restore the software to factory and then fix it from there. Sure it is not the most ideal of soultions, but it is still a good one that a virus would not likely be able to destroy.

its 2015 FFS why is that not a thing for any piece of tech with an OS?

Comment Shame (Score 1) 516

It would have been nice to have an offical start menu back into Windows 8. Although I find myself hating windows 8.1 a lot less as I got forced to using it for college, even if I really only use it to get into a virtual box to get into Linux :P) Still it sucks as I found myself using the pin the the start menu a lot more to access programs tfor everyday use and so no start menu no way to get that in 8.1

Comment So.... (Score 3, Insightful) 124

install the browser of choice and this only means you got a copy of 8.1 that was a bit cheaper without any real difference? Gotcha, besides not like the majority of computer users are still using IE so in truth this would only matter to the small perce=nt of users who both don't download a different browser or know/care to change the default search engine.

Comment Re:I'm sorry but.... (Score 1) 252

I never said I use the book or even ready it. Sure its not the high road, but its a personal statement I would make, try to screw people over with telling people how they can and can't use a book they paid for then see people torrent it instead giving you nothing.Besides I have a condition called being lazy and might not really go through with it anyways so...

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