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Comment: It depends... (Score 0) 239

by CSHARP123 (#40497553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Defines Good Developer Culture?
For me, everything is developed in-house, does not care if project is delayed, manger encourages rewrite of the entire project when a newer version of the tool is released and lastly but not least they pay developers boat load of money and do not have to work more than 8 hours and don't have to support if it fails in the production.

Comment: Windows Vista Revisits... (Score 1) 630

by CSHARP123 (#39337229) Attached to: Can Microsoft Afford To Lose With Windows 8?
I have installed the consumer preview. I cannot stand the Metro interface with Mouse and Keyboard. My colleague has it on a tablet and it seems to work fine with fingers. This is similar to Vista when all the tech bloggers had bad reviews on it and still MS made billions on it. Same thing happens, by Windows 9, they will have users adopted to this UI or tweaked it like they did in Windows7.

Comment: Re:Lovely and Intuitive? (Score 1) 500

by CSHARP123 (#39200725) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Consumer Preview
I am not sure what you mean by decent amount of text. If you meant, dos prompt you don't need a 24" monitor either. They demoed the thing on a 80" touchscreen. Engadget has photo of it. Also in the consumer preview they have added more keyboard shortcuts. According to some who has tested the consumer preview, Windows 8 has more keyboard shortcuts than previous versions of Windows. From what I see, they removed the start menu and made a huge set of tiles that launches the application.

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