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Comment: true sceners dont use h264 (Score -1) 182 182

by CHRONOSS2008 (#42702021) Attached to: ITU Approves H.264 Video Standard Successor H.265

and the reason x264 is being used is cause its claimed to be opne and free
the fact is it really might not be and the way they are doing releases is a scam too
its like what your getitng is actually NOT from the scene
how do i know
well i just do.
that is why xvids were created
and half the blu ray sites out there are actually run by hollywood
be careful

Comment: i dunno (Score -1) 391 391

by CHRONOSS2008 (#42664005) Attached to: Hidden Viral Gene Discovered In GMO Crops

first we get xl bad meat story up in canada
then we get horse meat in beef burgers in the uk

and when your thinking we'll screw ths crap ill go vegetarian you get americans poisoning you with rice
LIKE what the fuck are we supposed to eat that is safe...
safe form your fucking god damn tampering.

Comment: FBI jerks (Score -1) 124 124

by CHRONOSS2008 (#42250381) Attached to: GhostShell Hackers Release Data From Exploiting NASA, FBI, ESA

they like to do as they want or did you forget the 49000 infractions of law they have been accused of in the past ten years including an illegal attack on my server in a nation not in the usa...
you get what you sew mister and if you go around being jerks you get it back.

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