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Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score -1, Flamebait) 462

by CAKAS (#40118301) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
There never has been compiler tools out of Windows. You don't even need to be old to remember this. Only recently they've given out express version of VS.

You are, however, free to use GCC or any other open source alternative. Why is this such a problem to you? Because you can't use the better tools without paying for them?

Comment: Re:USA should have some experience from Asia (Score 1) 96

by CAKAS (#40118047) Attached to: Sound Increases the Efficiency of Boiling

Anyone who BOILS BACON (nature's perfect food) really shouldn't be providing any culinary advice.

I know you do usually fry it. But there was nothing wrong when boiling it too. Now, I am not sure if it was prepared in such a way that it can be boiled, but it was great anyway.

The sausages and hot chili sauce more so.

Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score 2, Informative) 462

by CAKAS (#40117981) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
I don't really like using Xcode. I'm now using Mac, so that's pretty much what I have for OS X development, but it still sucks compared to my Visual Studio development times. Likewise, Qt Creator and Eclipse are far away from Visual Studio.

And what is $500 for any software development house? In western countries that is 1/8 of what single worker costs you to per month. And don't forget that Microsoft still has program that offers these tools free for students.

Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score -1, Troll) 462

by CAKAS (#40117963) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
Your point is completely moot because Visual Studio was never free to begin with. They've offered the free "express" version lately, but it has always been kind of demo version, or for students. You have always had to buy the full version to do some serious development.

And what about if you don't want to pay for it? Then use GCC or the other open source compilers! Windows is completely open system where you can run whatever you want. Sure, they might not be as good or easy to use as Visual Studio, but that's hardly Microsoft's fault. Get the open source crowd to develop as good IDE as Visual Studio.

Comment: USA should have some experience from Asia (Score -1, Offtopic) 96

by CAKAS (#40117735) Attached to: Sound Increases the Efficiency of Boiling
Just last night we had a nice dinner with my friend. Boiled some bacons, sausages, chicken and bull's balls at the local restaurant. They bring the boiling plate to your table. It is a nice and social thing and you can have a chat while your food is boiling (and take a few beers).

Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score 1) 462

by CAKAS (#40117693) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
I did read the article and know this stuff. The only "doing a lot more" part is making Microsoft's compiler only available to Visual Studio customers. And frankly, I cannot see what's so bad about that. If you really want to use Microsoft's compiler, then buy it. If not, use GCC, Intel's compiler, Borland's compiler etc.

Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score -1, Flamebait) 462

by CAKAS (#40117637) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8

What open-source C/C++ compilers for Windows support the full range of APIs? Last I checked, MinGW had no support for Direct2D and DirectWrite, which are hardly obscure or brand-new. And MinGW also does not support structured exception handling.

And that is Microsoft's fault how? It just re-establishes the fact that frankly, Microsoft's developer tools are one of the best ones out there and FOSS people are crying because they now have to pay for them (and I'm saying this as OS X user)

Comment: Re:Wait, what now? (Score 2, Insightful) 462

by CAKAS (#40117539) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
And is there any actual reason for why you would not pay for Visual Studio? Your "I guess it's time for some other compilers to step up!" even summarizes that you don't think that the other IDE's and compilers are not as good. You don't have any actual point apart from "I don't want to pay for the tools I use to get money".

Comment: Re:Dumbest Decision Ever (Score 3, Informative) 462

by CAKAS (#40117495) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
Visual Studio has been paid product for most its lifetime. The few recent versions had the free "express" edition mostly suited towards students and new programmers. No one that actually does serious development work uses it - it's just there to try things out, just like demo versions of games. Yet, they still offer free version to make Metro apps - again useful for new programmers. But if you do serious work, you will get the full version, just like you always have.

Comment: Wait, what now? (Score 4, Insightful) 462

by CAKAS (#40117263) Attached to: Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8
Visual Studio is hardly the only development IDE on Windows. Yes, it is good, but you cannot really say that "free desktop software development dead in Windows 8" just because gasp, MS wants you to buy the new version. Hell, they even still offer Visual Studio 2010 for free!

So if you are crying about this, what about coming up with those open source IDE's?? I understand that they have never matched Visual Studio, but seriously. I even buy good web development IDE's to my OS X, like Coda 2. Stop being a cheap-ass winer and pay for quality tools.

You know what this story actually tells? That even FOSS users don't like their IDE's. They want to use Visual Studio from Microsoft because frankly, it is much better than the open source alternatives.

Visual Studio 11 is an improvement in many ways over Visual Studio 2010. Its C++ compiler, for example, is a great deal more standards-compliant, especially with the new C++ 11 specification. It has powerful new optimization features, such as the ability to automatically use CPU features like SSE2 to accelerate mathematically intensive programs, and new language features to allow programs to be executed on the GPU. The new version of the C# language makes it easier to write programs that do their work on background threads and avoid making user interfaces unresponsive. The .NET Framework, updated to version 4.5, includes new capabilities for desktop applications, such as a ribbon control for Microsoft's WPF GUI framework.

Taken together, there are many new features in Visual Studio 11 that are relevant, interesting, and useful for desktop developers. Indeed, things like the new WPF capabilities are only useful for desktop developers.

If Microsoft is so bad then why the hell there isn't better open source versions of these things??

Comment: What's the problem with building self-sustaining b (Score 4, Interesting) 248

by CAKAS (#40106429) Attached to: Neil Armstrong Gives Rare Interview
I still don't understand this. We have the technology to do it, we have the people wanting to do it, and we have another group of people wanting to live and work there. Why don't we build a base on moon?

There would be no insects (I really hate those, but at least geckos take a good care of them!), and it would be a good base for our future discovery of new planets and solar systems. There ARE more there, earth is nothing special.

Is the United States incapable to do this? Does it take Russians, Chinese or Japanese to get there? What the hell happened to America?

+ - BitTorrent Traffic Falls In The U.S.->

Submitted by CAKAS
CAKAS (2646219) writes "After legal actions taken by several industry outfits, BitTorrent traffic has fallen in the United States to the all time low of 12.7 percent of internet traffic. However, this trend seems to be unique to the U.S. — In other parts of the world, like Europe and Asia, BitTorrent traffic continues to rise. "According to Sandvine, the absence of legal alternatives is one of the reasons for these high P2P traffic shares". In the U.S. legal content delivery has flourished and provided customers easy access to content. This seems to suggest that due to these alternatives, people are less willing to pirate and pay the publishers for entertainment."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Fairly well known issue (Score 4, Insightful) 567

by CAKAS (#40101921) Attached to: New Music Boss, Worse Than Old Music Boss
Even indie artists have campaigned against these new services. For example, take Spotify, well known European free music service that gained lots of attention.

Many indie artists tried the service for several months and when the payout time came, they found out they only got a few hundreds (if even that) from the service. It was serious degrade from their previous earnings.

At the same time, Spotify shareholders and investors include EMI, Sony BMG and Universal Music Group. Since Spotify only paid small share to artists, the labels profited from increased stock prices. Because of this, they didn't need to pay artists any share but still profited greatly.

So yeah, there you go. Do you really think you're wiser than these guys? Keep trying to get around them, and they will assfuck you even more. Seriously. Do it. If you want to destroy any nice music we have.

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