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Comment Nothing but a sensationalist article... (Score 1) 334

So... He attended the show and all he took home from it was an article about gimmicks and the freebies he scored and this sensationalist piece of junk about booth babes... Sounds like he was just there scabbing freebies on a company funded junket in Vegas.

This guy is clearly just an attention seeker trying to fire up the feminists... the girls shown are hardly your typical "booth babes" and his claim that the "Solar VPS" booth was bro-centric (I assume he is talking about the "spacemen") shows he hasn't even bothered to look at the companies marketing materials or website to see the space / solar system theme of all their products and services.

And yes a lot of trade-show organisers in certain regions and industries have cracked down / set guidelines on booth babes, but this wasn't due to changing sensibilities but rather a response to vendors who were really pushing the limits of existing ones with things like body painted models and models wearing miniskirts that should probably be classified as belts.

Comment Clive Palm(greas)er! (Score 1) 292

To be honest Clives recent endeavours appear to be misguided attempts to buy favour with Chinese investors so that he can get his latest IPO off the ground...
1. Buy football (soccer) team but screw it up so badly the team gets expelled from the league.
2. Buy PGA golf course / resort but make such a mockery of the game with his robotic dinosaur and other crazy antics that the course gets removed from the 2013 tour.
3. Contract Chinese shipbuilders to construct replica of HMS Titanic... await spectacular failure.

There has always been something shady about his business deals, from unscrupulous tactics regarding his dealings with competitors and business partners / investors and then there are the increasingly frequent rumours of bribery and corruption.


27 Reported Killed In Connecticut Elementary School Shooting 2987

Several readers sent word of a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. According to most reports, 27 people are dead, including 18 children. The alleged shooter is dead, a man in his 20s. He was armed with multiple weapons and may have worn a bulletproof vest. According to CBS, "It is unclear if there was more than one gunman at the school. Miller reports authorities have an individual in custody who investigators said may be a possible second shooter." (Investigators now say the person being questioned is not a suspect.) One student was quoted as saying, "I was in the gym and I heard a loud, like seven loud booms, and the gym teachers told us to go in the corner, so we all huddled. And I kept hearing these booming noises. And we all started crying." Another, 8 years old, said, "I saw some of the bullets going down the hall and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom."

Comment Re:In other news 2 years later... (Score 1) 180

Being a little sensitive aren't we? I suppose you think the Chinese belong in a maruta factory or something?!

Clearly he was referring to the fact that only a few decades ago it was Japan, not China that was known for its cheap low quality electronics... in time China will advance and some other so called "third world" nation will take their place as the low cost / quality source.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 180

I would say that this type of article is exactly the type of content that Slashdot should be reporting... it involves one of the largest network infrastructure providers losing a significant part of what would probably be their largest market (if not now, then at least over the next decade)

And why should a tech news site care about the weather or problems borne out of greed and prejudice like the situation with the financial system or the unrest in the middle east?!

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 687

Higher powered lasers have been banned in Australia since way before the media reported incidents of shining lasers on aircraft appeared... any handheld self powered laser >1mW is prohibited.
I think that while the bans reduced availability of lasers high powered lasers to the general public the novelty factor for those that do have them makes many of those people more reckless.

Comment Re:Not the military's job. (Score 1) 805

The constitution places the power to declare war and issue letters of marque with the congress, not the executive. It's up to the congress to tell the military who's an enemy, not the other way around.

Whoever has taken it upon themselves to do this has libeled Assange.


I'll probably get modded to -1 for saying this and appearing to be anti-assange (which I am not) but I think all this is being taken out of context.

If you read the offending document (US Air Force charges against an unknown female USAF Analyst) it simply states as one of the "Matters" a charge of "Communicating with the enemy"... it doesn't say that Assange and or Wikileaks are "the enemy".

To be honest I feel that lately Assange is making himself look more and more paranoid... probably to the delight of the US Govt.
The US Govt. will probably let him carry on about it in the media for a while and then in a few weeks discredit him with a media release stating that the document has been incorrectly interpreted and that Assange / Wikileaks have not (as yet) been declared an enemy of the state.

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