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Comment: Re:The "anti-science" crowd? Seriously?? (Score 1) 218

by Burpmaster (#42085755) Attached to: Researchers Investigating Self-Boosting Vaccines

"...contrary to opinions from the anti-science crowd, " Any article that begins with a put-down of a generalized segment of the population in my opinion is already tainted with bias. I'll look elsewhere for reliable information, thanks.

The article is "tained with bias", but only because just calling them anti-science is too damn generous. They're an anti-science child-killing cult. Just because someone has an extremely negative opinion of X doesn't automatically mean they're biased. You need to educate yourself on the matter before you can make the judgement. You might find the opinion is deserved.

Comment: Re:Savvy study author ... (Score 1) 471

if you can affect A, but not B, and A is correlated with B, then you can affect B, [...]

I can change the time on my watch, but I can't change the actual time. The time on my watch is correlated with the actual time. Therefore, I can travel through time by setting my watch.

Comment: Re:The contradictions are lost on them (Score 1) 233

by Burpmaster (#40204197) Attached to: Why the GPL Licensing Cops Are the Good Guys
The law against murder CONTROLS what people can do with guns. Just admit that you believe in CONTROLLING people in the name of achieving a RESULT you like. If that's your position, I have no problem with it, but it's hypocritical to posture as an advocate of giving people complete freedom and believing that restrictions are wrong, and then try to defend yourself when I point a gun at you.

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